Thursday, August 21, 2014

A New Opportunity For Marijuana Investors

Investing In Marijuana

As we have told some of you before, marijuana is a growing industry and those of you who are interested in it, should get involved today.  As cannabis becomes legal once again worldwide, people are finding new ways to create services and products, related to this industry and today, we want to tell you about a new marijuana investment opportunity.  

Some of you may already know that Canada has established some very tolerant laws about cannabis these days and now a new company has declared that they will go public next Monday, which means that some of you, will be able to buy some shares in this company.  

If you are involved in these sort of businesses,  you probably already read something about this or have already bought shares in another similar company.  Bedrocan Cannabis Corp, is the company that we are talking about right now and even though Zip 420 does not have any shares or business with them, we want to let you all know about their new business opportunity, because we want to help the cannabis industry grow and the only way to do it, is if investors and financial institutions, begin to trust some of these businesses and work with them.  

Bedrocan Cannabis Corp, will go public in the Toronto Venture Exchange and it will be under the symbol "BED".  According to some experts and sources, this company had planned going public for quite some time now and their goals are finally being reached.  

Health Canada, gave Bedrocan a license back in December of 2013 and they are now starting on the construction of a 52000 square foot warehouse, which will become a growing facility for medical marijuana.  They already have around 1100 registered patients throughout Canada and there new facilities, will be ready before the year ends.  

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