Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A New Study Proves That Couples Who Consume Marijuana Are Happier

Couples Who Consume Cannabis Have Less Domestic Violence Reports

The University of Buffalo, just led a new research, which proves that couples who consume cannabis, have less conflicts and involved in fewer domestic violence cases, than those couples that do not consume marijuana.  The conclusion of this study is, "couples in which both spouses used marijuana frequently, reported the least frequent IPV (intimate partner violence) perpetration," which basically means that couples that consume cannabis on a regular basis, tend to have less fights and live a happier life together.  

The study began back in 1996 and it involved over 600 couples, with different types of lives and from different regions of the country.  All couples had to answer questions about their drug and alcohol consumption, as well as some of the fights and problems that they had between them.  

According to the study, one cause for this might be that chronic marijuana users, are less likely to be involved in aggressive behavior, thus having less problems and fights with their spouse.  While researchers agree that more studies need to be done on marijuana, this proves many of what our parents and other people told us in the past.  It is not true that consuming marijuana will make you crazy and that you will go out to commit a crime.  People who do that, already have that evil inside them, but it is certainly not caused by marijuana and this study will help to prove this.  

So if you are in a relationship and one of you has had doubts about consuming marijuana together and having a nice time, this study should also help you decide and understand that cannabis is not a drug, but a herb, which can work as a medicine for millions and a recreational past time for others. 

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