Monday, August 4, 2014

Cannabis As An Aphrodisiac

Women Lube Made From Cannabis

Some of you may know that marijuana was used as an aphrodisiac by our ancestors and there is some information available about this in old books.  This is now being proved by modern scientists and this has also inspired a California cannabis collective, by the name of Aphrodite, to create Foria, which is a lube for women, made out of cannabis oil.  

Yes, you read right, women may now enjoy marijuana through their private parts and this is surely a product that will become very popular worldwide.  Its creators, say "Foria is an all natural sensual enhancement oil, which has been thoughtfully designed for women.  The lube brings to your fingertips, the power of ancient plant medicine, to inspire deep healing and unlock profound pleasure.  

This lube, comes from the female marijuana plant and thanks to modern technology, it is now possible to extract some of its nutrients, with maximum potency and thus, allowing the oil to be of very high quality.  Foria, is made from 100% cannabis oil and 100% coconut oil and the marijuana plants, from which the oil comes from, have been grown in California.  It also does not include any sugar or gluten, which is why many ladies will surely love it.  

Aphrodite, claims that they are selling this product as a medicine and that they are a California medical marijuana collective.  

At Zip 420, we believe that this is only the beginning, of millions of cannabis based products to come in the future and we are glad that this is taking place today.

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