Sunday, August 24, 2014

Another Politic Who Supports Medical Cannabis

Daniel Andrews Supports Medical Marijuana

People who live in Victoria, Australia,  will be glad to hear that their candidate Daniel Andrews has admitted that he supports the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes.  At Zip 420, we believe that this is not only great news for Victorians, or for Australians, but for all of the world, as this is yet another step towards changing the world's view about cannabis.  

According to Daniel, it is not fair for parents or people who really do benefit from marijuana, to have to break the law, in order to get their medicine for their children or themselves.  If there is not a legal place for them to get this herb, they should be able to grow their own and keep their symptoms or illnesses at ease.  Nobody should have the right to prohibit a person to feel better!!

Mr. Andrews, also said  that if he wins, his party will be taking the matter to parliament and hopefully the laws and reforms about cannabis in Australia will be decriminalized or completely changed.  Mr. Andrews believes that a regulatory program should also be created and that this will help to ease the minds, of those people who are not really in favor of making this herb a legal medicine.  

If everything works out, things related to medicinal cannabis in Victoria, Australia, should be very different by the end of next year!!

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