Friday, August 8, 2014

Teenager Cannabis Use In Colorado Has Decreased

Less Teenagers Are Consuming Marijuana In Colorado

Just as Zip 420 predicted and just as it happened in countries like Portugal, the use of marijuana among teenagers in Colorado is now decreasing, after retail legalization started in 2012.  It was yesterday that Colorado's state officials, released some new statistics about this and the results are really magnificent.  

The Healthy Kids Colorado Survey, which was released by the Department of Public Health and Environment,  states that the thirty-day marijuana use, dropped from 22% back in 2011 to 20% in 2013.  The study also claims that lifetime use has decreased from 39% to 37%, during the same period of time.  

Mason Tvert, who is one of the people who proposed Amendment 64, which legalized recreational cannabis in this State and who is also a spokesman for the Marijuana Policy Project, stated "regulating marijuana is working in Colorado.  The drop in teen use reflects the fact that state and local authorities, have far more control over marijuana than ever before.  Hopefully, elected officials and voters in other States, are paying attention."

Since 2009, when marijuana stores first started operating in Colorado, cannabis use among teenagers, has decreased at least 5 points, which is a very positive number and we are certain that it will continue growing, as everything becomes more organized and functions to perfection.  

It is always nice to read about these kind of survey results and this is why Zip 420 wants to share them with you.  It is time to acknowledge the benefits of decriminalizing cannabis and allowing people to consume this herb. 

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