Monday, September 30, 2013

Concerns About Marijuana Web Services

Should We Really Be Concerned About Marijuana Related Services?

Some medical leaders in the State of Massachusetts, are now very concerned about some of the entrepreneurs who are getting involved in the marijuana industry and do not appear to have the adequate training for the job.   According to these medical leaders, the new medical marijuana laws in Massachusetts, are now helping some people to create their own Internet companies, which supposedly help patients to find doctors who will give them the required certification for consuming medical cannabis, but some still believe that this is going to affect the board of regulated physicians and that this is not what was intended to happen. 

The Massachusetts Medical Society, has stated that many of the entrepreneurs who are managing some of these online medical marijuana related companies, do not have the required medical background to run these sorts of businesses and that this might raise some doubts about the safety and quality of these services. 
According to Dr. Ronald Dunlap, “the fact that you have people with no medical pedigree launching these companies is testament that this is purely a money-making operation.  These people are working around the edges.” 

Medical Marijuana In Massachusetts

It was just last November, when voters approved the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes in this State, but it is still up to the health department, to regulate who will have certain power over these new marijuana related laws. 

After the rules were released last May, there were at least 158 applications for medical marijuana dispensaries and only 35 of them were accepted, as this was the maximum number of dispensaries that were allowed by the approved ballot. 

While the medical cannabis dispensaries are established and opened, patients can grow a few plants of marijuana in their homes, for personal use and all they need is a certification, from an approved Massachusetts physician.   After the medical marijuana dispensaries open their doors in this State, which will happen next spring, patients will be tracked by a computerized system and doctors will still need a certification to approve patients for medical marijuana use. 

What The New Entrepreneurs Think About These Medical Marijuana Sites

While some people are concerned with these new online businesses related to cannabis, the entrepreneurs and patients who are benefiting from them, have a completely different view about these sites.  Jai Chawla is the founder of Commonwealth M.D which is one of these medical marijuana related sites and he believes that their service is really helpful to patients and that they are not doing anything wrong.  Chawla stated, that they charge $250 to refer a patient to a physician and his exact words were, “I understand that’s a large fee for a patient to be paying out of pocket”, as he believes that no insurance company will pay for this fee, but that he believes it is helping people and that they will continue to do so. 

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