Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Marijuana Can Fight A Virus

More Medical Marijuana Benefits

First of all, I want to say sorry to all Zip 420 subscribers and followers, for not having published any articles in the last few days, but the truth is that I was out camping and did not have an Internet connection.  As much as I love writing and keeping everyone informed about cannabis, I also love camping, hunting and fishing, which is why this blog has not been updated in the last couple of days.  

So enough about that and let's talk about another medical marijuana benefit that I just found out about.  I was doing some research and found out that some people who have Herpes, have been having excellent results with marijuana and are seeing a lot less symptoms overtime.  

Can Marijuana Cure Herpes?

Not only are lots of people infected with this sexually transmitted disease, but there is also no cure until now and because marijuana is now more available than ever, some are experimenting and getting great results with this herb.  

Some scientists stated in the online journal BMC Medicine that marijuana can really reduce the problems that Herpes and other similar diseases cause.  This is certainly a breakthrough in the medical cannabis world and because some parts of the US and other countries of the world, are now allowing scientists to experiment with this herb, we might finally find a cure to Herpes and many other disease.  

Apart from scientists, people who have herpes right now, are reporting that they have experienced some amazing results with cannabis and that they no longer have any of the symptoms caused by this horrible disease. Herpes is one of the worst diseases mankind has ever experienced and since there is still no modern cure for it, we can only hope that these people and scientists are up to something.  

Patients have reported mixing marijuana with alcohol and leaving it in the freezer for three to four weeks.  They will then use this mixture to make their Herpes symptoms go away, by simply using a q-tip and wetting the affected parts of their bodies.  

While there is still some uncertainty about marijuana actually being the cure for Herpes, there are certainly many positive side effects and this is why those people who suffer from these disease, should begin to consume marijuana and try an alcohol tincture on their wounds.  

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