Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Medical Cannabis Activist Dies

A Huge Loss For Medical Cannabis

Today, we have some bad news for you, as John Cook, who was a very important and famous medical cannabis activist recently died.  This is certainly going to be a huge loss for all of us, because he was a great person and he had done a lot to help legalize marijuana around the world.  His work will always be remembered and even though, he did not accomplish some of his goals, we are certain that with the help of us all, we can all achieve this together. 

John Cook, died at 48 years of age and he was one of the founders of Harrietsfield Maritimers Unite for Medical Marijuana or MUMM for its initials.  John was also the director of the Halifax chapter of Cannabis Buyers Club of Canada, which is certainly a job that many of us would enjoy having.  

In 2012, John was obliged to close the buyers club, because he suffered a heart attack and this was the main reason that he was not able to continue his medical cannabis activism, as this problem continued until his death.  

It is also well known that John had fallen down a ladder at his home a few years ago and that he began consuming around four to ten grams of cannabis every day, in order to alleviate his back pain and to be able to continue his normal life.  

Remembering A Medical Marijuana Activist

Some people state that Cook would continuously say that he never got high from consuming cannabis, but that without this herb, he would have had to consume prescription drugs, which would make him very sleepy and this is why he did not like them at all.  

It was a little more than ten years ago, when John decided to open his buyers club and to begin advocating for the legalization of medical marijuana in Canada and all over the world.  John funded MUMM together with Debbie Stulz-Giffin, as she heard his story and also began consuming cannabis, instead of other pharmaceuticals to control her multiple sclerosis problems.  

After Cook's death, Debbie stated to the press, "I just feel overwhelmingly sad.  He was not concerned about making a profit and his primary concern was the well-being of all the patients. A lot of people looked to him for his extensive knowledge and confidence in how to approach the legal system and the law when they were facing cannabis-related charges due to their medical needs."  

The World Needs More Medical Marijuana Activists

Just as John Cook, helped many people to understand that marijuana is not only a herb, but a very helpful medicine, we all need to become medical cannabis activists and start helping others fight their problems.  It is now obvious that cannabis is much better than many pharmaceuticals and those people who are still uncertain about this, need to do some extensive research and learn all about the real benefits of medical marijuana.  

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  1. Goodbye, John RIP I was so sad to hear the news you wher a real inspiration to me.Long may you live and we will win this war soon I feel that.

  2. I was so sad to hear of John's passing and I hope his name is never forgoten he put his head on the chopping block to help so many.Thankyou for all you had done may you rest in peace.One love