Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Basque Country Is Looking To Legalize Cannabis

Cannabis May Be Legalized In The Basque Country Very Soon

The Euskadi Parliament in the Basque country, is now looking to establish some new rules about marijuana and in the past, these laws have been seen positively by the people of this place.  The new laws, would allow cannabis clubs to open in Euskadi again and they would also allow people to start growing their own marijuana plants for personal consumption. 

Last time, the Parliament of the Basque country, was not able to establish these new marijuana laws, as the Congress did not accept some of the terms, but this time more people are getting together and they are going to fight, in order to get these new laws passed and accepted by the majority of the population.  

Iker Val, is the President of the Cannabis-Eusfac Basque Federation, which is trying to get people to understand that legalizing cannabis is one of the best decisions for this country and the entire world.  Iker also stated recently, that he knows this is a hard decision for everyone, but that the laws have already been created and that this is a project, which has been planned for many years now.  

The Basque Country Is Doing The Right Thing About Cannabis

Legalizing marijuana in an entire country, is certainly one of the best things that could happen to any population, as this herb brings a lot of different benefits for everyone.  From more job opportunities, to more things to sell, to medicine and even fun, cannabis is definitely one of the herbs that we need legalized.  

It is well known, that the Basque country, is one of the European regions, which consumes the most cannabis and this is the main reason why so many want this herb legalized here.  At the moment, people can legally consume marijuana in the Basque country, but they cannot grow it or sell it.  

Euskadi is the home to 54 cannabis related organization and there are at least 5000 members right now.  These people really enjoy consuming marijuana and even though they can still not grow this herb legally, they are still trying to stay away from the black market and some are growing their own.  

Because there are still some laws that contradict each other in this country, it is essential that parliament establishes new laws about cannabis and that people respect them, no matter what they are.  It is time for the whole world to legalize marijuana and the Basque country is certainly doing its job to help this happen worldwide.  

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Legalize Cannabis In The Basque Country And The World

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