Wednesday, September 11, 2013

New Jersey Law Will Allow Children To Consume Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana Will Be Provided In New Jersey

It was just this last Tuesday,  when Governor Chris Christie, signed a new law in New Jersey, which will now allow ill children to consume edible medical marijuana products and to have easy access to them.  This means, that those children who qualify for medicinal cannabis, will not have the opportunity to legally find their medicine in marijuana dispensaries and pay reasonable prices as well.  

The new marijuana laws in New Jersey, will also not establish a strain limit, for either growers or dispensaries, which is certainly another important part about these new regulations and many are very excited about it.  Not only will ill children now have access to one of the best medicines in the world, but there will be new jobs available in this State and illegal trafficking is almost certain to stop as well.  

These new cannabis laws, will obviously require parents to get this herb for their children and they must have the proper permits too.  The new laws state, that approved children, will be able to get tablets, pills, drops, syrups, capsules and other types of marijuana edibles, with the permission of their parents and this is certainly a great step towards the legalization of marijuana around the world.  

Children And Adults Will Benefit From The New Marijuana Laws In New Jersey

Governor Christie, had already denied signing this bill about a month ago, as he insisted that children should also have access to medical marijuana edibles and not only adults.  His strength and his decisions, just made it a lot simpler for other States and countries of the world, to legalize this herb and this is why we should all be thanking him right now.  

Not only will adults and children in New Jersey, have the opportunity to medicate themselves with one of the healthiest and satisfactory medicines around, but we will also see new marijuana laws around the world thanks to this.  

Christie's exact words about these new laws were, "I'm pleased the legislature accepted my recommendations so that suffering children can get the treatment they need. I've said all along that protection of our children remains my utmost concern, and this new law will help sick kids access the program while also keeping in place appropriate safeguards, Parents, not government regulators, are best suited to decide how to care for their children, and this law advances that important principle."

As you can see, Governor Christie is a very smart person and he is acting, in the benefit of those who need it the most.  Please do not forget to like and share this article, so that others can read about the new medical marijuana laws in New Jersey and the benefits that this will bring to the entire world.  You should also subscribe to our free mailing list, by leaving us your email in the box to the right and we will make sure you get more news about medical marijuana soon.     

We All Need To Support Medical Marijuana Around The World

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