Friday, September 13, 2013

New Cannabis Strain In Colorado

The NFL Inspires A New Type Of Cannabis Strain

As you may already know, the NFL season has now started and some of its famous players, are now inspiring some cannabis strains in Colorado.  You should also be aware by know, that Colorado is one of the US States, which has now legalized marijuana, for both medicinal and recreational use, which is why people are now able to create their own types of marijuana strains and name them whatever they want. 

Peyton Manning is now the quarterback for the Denver Broncos and since he just broke one of his personal records last week, many people are now idolizing him and talking more about him as well.  Manning’s performance last week, was truly amazing and this is the main reason, why I believe this blog post is worth writing today. 

Not only do I enjoy smoking weed and watching every NFL game, but I also enjoy learning about new strains around the world and because one has recently gotten the name of this football player, I think more NFL fans, will begin to smoke this herb.  We are all always looking for excuses to do the things that we enjoy to do and now that there is a Peyton Manning cannabis strain, we can all enjoy it during our favorite football games. 

Peyton Manning Cannabis Strain

The new marijuana strain, is being promoted by NFL fans and it is said to help cure the nausea that some of the Denver Broncos rivals will have.  The face of famous football player Peyton Manning, is also being used to promote this type of herb and it is certain that many girls will want to smoke it too. 

As more places of the world, begin to legalize marijuana, people will have tons of new cannabis strains to show off and this is already happing in some places right now.  This new Peyton Manning marijuana strain, will surely become very popular real fast and if you have the opportunity to try it, you should definitely do so, as many are saying that it is one of the finest strains they have ever tried. 

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New Cannabis Strains Will Keep Appearing

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1 comment:

  1. Is this a big deal? Is brotherman a public spokesperson for the health benefits of the herb? I don't watch football, so it don't mean sh*t to me. I've found nothing to suggest he's done anything to dispel the lies that are used to perpetuate prohibition and inflict atrocity.

    I'd be way more infinitely impressed if Colorado was to honor one of its more accomplished native sons, the truly heroic Cannabis activist Reverend Roger Christie whose been standing strong for everyone's freedom to "use marijuana religiously" for more than a quarter of a century.

    Better yet, rather than naming another strain after Roger, how about the whole State of Colorado challenges the fraudulent scheduling at the federal level, by recognizing our freedom to farm "every herb bearing seed" as the first test of religious freedom.

    If you want freedom then get involved with the effort to Free Roger Christie! who's been "locked & un-loaded," in federal prison without trial, denied bail eight times, and denied visitors for more than three years and two months!!!!!

    I honestly wish I could get excited about glorifying distraction, but when the real heroes of this movement are stuck in prison, the cheerleading leaves me sad & incredulous.

    What about naming a strain after Alexandria Hill, the darling child who was beaten to death in foster care because her parents smoked a joint? How about the whole damn state raising national awareness of the horrors being inflicted on families by CPS? Or would you prefer to wait around until it happens to you or someone you love before you get up off the couch and turn off the damn TV?

    Come on people, grow up. We'r under attack and you're titillated by flash, fame&illusion.

    Shift values. Recognize the priorities. Free Roger Christie! No more stealing children from their loving parents!

    While it may be a buzzkill to be responsible, it's worse than sin to be culpable for the "herb war" by being distracted & complacent.