Saturday, September 28, 2013

How To Increase Your Marijuana High

Is Exercising A Good Way To Increase Your Marijuana High?

There are many beliefs, about methods for increasing your cannabis high, but some new studies, are now linking exercise and THC content in your blood, which means that running or other other types of exercise routines, may help to get you higher.  Some Australian scientists, have been analyzing whether or not, cannabis can become more potent after a person exercises and everything seems to be proving that this is true.  

The study involved people who had consumed marijuana in the last 24 hours and who were willing to get tested before and after a 35 minute cardio workout.  The blood tests proved that the THC content was higher in all of these people and that exercising, might be a good way to increase your marijuana high.  

According to Ph. D. Jonathon Arnold, who is one of the experts who conducted this study,  “Exercise promotes fat metabolism, and we believe this process liberates THC from fat cells and into the blood supply.”  This is very good news, because those people who enjoy toking up, can now go out for a short cardio session and get an even better high.  

Get A Better Marijuana High With A Short Cardio Workout

Although this study does prove a higher THC content in people's blood, the effect that it has on each person might be different and not everyone will feel the same effects.  This will all depend on the type of cannabis that you have consumed, the food that you have eaten that day and the type of exercises that you get involved in.  

A short cardio workout, has proven to be effective for increasing a marijuana high, but tougher and longer workout routines, might end up lowering the amount of THC in your blood, which is certainly not something that you want, if you are looking to increase the sensations after you have token up.  

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Exercise And Increase Your Marijuana High


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