Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A Jamaican Medical Marijuana Firm

Scientist Creates A New Medical Marijuana Firm In Jamaica

Just as many other entrepreneurs have done before, there are now people who are looking to get involved in the new marijuana industry and this is exactly what one famous Jamaican scientist is doing right now.  The name of this scientist is, Henry Lowe and he specializes in medial chemistry and he is also the chairman, of a company that uses plants to create medicines and other products. 
Lowe, is now involved in a new enterprise and he is naming it "Madicanja". This new enterprise of his, will only focus in the medicinal purposes of cannabis and it will respect all current treaties and laws. 
Cannabis, has been illegal in this part of the world, since 1913, but there are many advocates in Jamaica, who are currently trying to change this.  Many Jamaican citizens, believe that legalizing marijuana, will give their economy a huge boost and that this is one of the only things, which can get their country going.  People now believe, that entrepreneurs, should be able to invest in marijuana related businesses and that promoting this herb, will also increase tourism to this Caribbean Island. 
According to Lowe's speech today, Jamaica could become one of the world's leading marijuana producers, which would also increase the country's tourism and provide its citizens, with tons of new jobs.  Lowe's ideas, are actually very smart and it is good to know, that entrepreneurs all over the world, are now trying to get involved in the cannabis industry.  This will help the legalization of cannabis become a reality and it will also help society, to have better quality marijuana at all times. 
Medical marijuana enterprises, are sure to keep appearing in the next couple of years and it is very likely, that many of these, will become the powerhouse in this industry.  The people who are able to get some of these companies running, will not only be changing history, but they will also become part of it. 
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