Tuesday, December 3, 2013

New Canadian Medical Cannabis Program Might Affect Poor People

Changes To The Medical Cannabis Program In Canada

Right now, more than 40000 Canadians, are already part of the medical marijuana program in this country and they are allowed to posses cannabis, within certain limits.  These people, have the right to purchase marijuana, from a licensed producer or they can grow it on their own, but this may change on April 2014, as the Canadian government, will most likely force these people to buy their medical cannabis, from a government regulated facility. 
Canada's new "Marihuana for Medical Purposes" program, is meant to position this country, as one of the major cannabis producers in the world and it is also meant to gather lots of funds for the government.  While this new program in Canada, seems very useful for some, many of the already registered medical cannabis users, might not be able to purchase their medicine after April 2014, as the prices will be extremely high and not everyone will have the money to purchase their weed from the government facilities. 
Some of these people, will have to continue growing their own medical cannabis at home or purchasing from old pot dealers, yet this will become illegal after April 2014 as well.  This will leave very few options for people who really do need marijuana as a medicine in Canada and who do not have enough money to purchase it legally from their government. 
According to some of the people who work for Health Canada, the changes to the Marihuana Medical Access Program, are not meant to make it difficult for patients to get their herb, but they are being made, because some experts believe, it was "open to abuse".
Just like most things in our world, these new changes, also revolve around money, as the Canadian government believes, that the cannabis industry will bring in billions of dollars to their economy and could even help this country, to become one of the top medical weed exporters, around the globe. 
Canadian towns, like Smiths Falls, which is a town of around 9000 people, are already getting some new weed factories and this proves, that the legalization of medical cannabis, is already taking place in this country.  Tweed, is one of these companies and they are now remodeling an old chocolate factory, to turn it into one of the best cannabis factories until now. 
According to Chuck Rifici, who is the CEO of Tweed, "Canada might lead the way worldwide as we see other countries take similar regulatory moves as Canada has.  The regulations also allow for export once other countries will allow for import."
It seems as if governments around the world, now want to profit on medical cannabis, while they should simply allow everyone to grow their own stash and this would immediately solve tons of problems around the world.  It is time to legalize cannabis and we should all be able to afford some weed, once it is legal in our place of residence. 
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  1. There's a reason they chose April 1st. Most people aren't going to find it so funny, though.

    We COULD HAVE repealed cannabis prohibition in Canada. We CHOSE to refuse to do so while we still had a chance. Now we've got enough people to make Emperor Harperius Mandatorius Minimus' private prisons for profit profitable.

    I guess that's just more important than doing the right thing in Canada.

  2. Might??? Are you crazy??? There is no might to this equation at all. It WILL hurt many Canadians that are disabled and poor as a result of it. Myself I am a 50 year old disabled man that has been diagnosed and live with several diseases, from degenerative spinal disease to diabetes, & PTSD cannabis is the best medicine I have found for those and other conditions I have.
    With these new laws as proposed I not only will not be able to afford my medicine I am to understand I will not be allowed to purchase even 1/4 of my now prescription. That's right, even if I did have the cash they are telling me I cannot purchase what I have now used for years to assist in my every day living.
    I am concerned for my life as prior to finding cannabis as a medicine I was using over 25 prescriptions, taking over 28 pills a day on average.
    I was a vegetable, drooling and all. I could not think clearly and now, after a few years of using them I have a serious heart disease and problems there. I do not want to return to those methods of dealing with my problems and the simpleness of the plant is all I would prefer to use. I hope in the last moments that this gets stopped as it has effectively ruined my quality of life just knowing they are proposing to throw us all "under the bus" is very stressful. That kind of stress many patients cannot risk dealing with for one reason or another, like myself.
    These laws are being challenged and I hope to goodness for all the disabled cannabis users in Canada that have tried to do the right thing that this fight brings back victory for our gardens and grows.....

  3. Thank you for your comments, you really gave me something to think about. These new laws, will certainly affect many and I should not had added "Might" to the title. I do hope that something stops these laws from happening and that you are able to get your medicine as usual or even grow your own.

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