Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A New Marijuana Bill In New Jersey

New Jersey Might Allow People To Buy Marijuana Edibles

As more people favor the legalization of cannabis, the State of New Jersey, is now looking for options to make this herb legal for medicinal purposes and to help its citizens.  It is obvious that marijuana can help a lot of people and cannabis edibles, are certainly one of the best options for this. 
The bill is called the marijuana reciprocity bill and it would allow, citizens of New Jersey, to purchase cannabis at medical marijuana dispensaries located in other States of the US.  People from places outside New Jersey, would also be able to purchase cannabis in medical marijuana dispensaries, located in within the State, as long as they have the approval from a doctor and their medical marijuana card with them. 
The amounts of marijuana that these patients would be able to purchase, would be controlled, but this bill would certainly allow a lot of people, to have their medicine, no matter what State they are in.  Although Governor Christie, is not in favor of this bill, there are lots of people who are and many families with young children, who benefit from medical marijuana, are already convincing others, about the real benefits of this herb. 
Brian Wilson, is the father of a little girl, who suffers from life threatening seizures and doctors have already prescribed medical marijuana to treat her disease.  Mr. Wilson, has been trying to convince Governor Christie about the benefits of marijuana on his daughter and what it could do for the rest of the world. 
Mr. Wilson, has even implored the Governor, for his daughter's life and there is really no reason, why Christie should be able to decide, if this little girl can use marijuana as a medicine or not. 
Hopefully, this bill is passed in New Jersey soon and people who really need marijuana as a medicine, will be able to get their herb, in dispensaries within the State and other parts of the US as well.  It is time to legalize and we all need to support this today. 
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