Monday, December 23, 2013

Colorado Resorts Are Getting Ready For Marijuana Tourism

Tourists Are Coming To Colorado Resorts For Marijuana

Many of the ski resorts and mountain towns in the State of Colorado, are now getting ready for a larger number of tourists, as they will now be able to purchase some legal marijuana in these towns.  It has already been one year, since Colorado admitted the use of recreational marijuana and on January 1st, 2014, more stores will be offering this herb, to people who are only over 21, without mattering where they are from or if they have a medical cannabis card or not. 
State officials, now accept marijuana as they do alcohol in Colorado, which is certainly something that we all hope to happen around the world one day.  Today, some companies in Colorado, are now offering "marijuana tours", which will take tourists sight seeing and provide them with some delicious cannabis as well.  These tours, are already enticing a lot of people to make a trip to this State and it is why many resorts and mountain towns, are getting ready for the large number of visitors that they will soon have. 

Police Are Weary Of Marijuana Tourism

All of this, is also making Colorado Police Officers, a little weary, as they have never experienced anything like this and they do not know what to expect.  At Zip 420, we really believe that nothing bad will happen and that police officers in Colorado, will not have much more work, than they normally do.  People who smoke cannabis recreationally, do not tend to do irrational things and I really don't think that they will do anything to alter the peace in these new marijuana friendly region of the world. 
There are also some marijuana laws that are not very well understood by many, like not being able to smoke in public areas or in a moving vehicle or to sell cannabis to another adult, which is why you should do a little research about this, before you go smoking in public on the streets of Colorado. 
The marijuana tours for example, are not allowed to sell cannabis to their guests, but they offer it as a free gift, just as they give out sodas and other snacks.  This allows them to get around the law of not being able to sell marijuana to other adults and this is why we are looking at an "Old West" type of deal here. 
It will certainly be exciting to see what happens in Colorado in the next couple of months and what other States do, to make marijuana legal too.  It is a fact, that economy will improve in this State and it will not be long, until other US States and other countries start to do the same. 
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