Thursday, February 14, 2013

Famous Marijuana Smokers

Snoop Dogg Is In The Famous Marijuana Smokers List

There are many celebrities who have openly admitted that they smoke cannabis and that they love it. One of the most famous marijuana smokers of our time is without a doubt Snoop Dogg and here I will tell you a little more about his life.

Since the early 90s, Snoop Dogg, has been influencing people around the world and today, he is known as one of the best rappers and is definitely one of the most popular celebrities out there. His music has been heard by millions and many of his first songs are still being played on the radio.  So keep on reading and learn more about Snoop Dogg and his life.

Something that you probably did not know about this rapper, is that he recently changed his name to Snoop Lion, while he was in Jamaica recording “Reincarnated”, which is a music album that has reggae and Rastafarian styles. It is certainly an original album and something that many Snoop Dogg fans were not expecting.

Snoop Lion Is One Of Our Favorite Famous Marijuana Smokers

Because his lifestyle is very different from that of other celebrities and because he has created such a cultural consciousness about cannabis, Snoop Lion earns our respect and is ranked amongst one of the top famous marijuana smokers of all time.

We still remember his first album “Doggystyle” and believe that it is truly one of the best rap albums ever.  Not only has he created great music, but he has also appeared in some great television shows and movies as well. Snoop Lion is one of the most popular celebrities of our times and he has certainly influenced a lot of people over the years.

We also like Snoop Lion because he once declared that he smokes cannabis at least 81 times a day and that he will not stop smoking the herb, as he loves it very much.  He has never been shy about declaring his love for cannabis and this is why we believe he is worthy of mentioning.

Snoop Lion has also declared to the press, that he smokes cannabis with his eldest son Corde and that he believes that his helps them to be closer. Families that smoke together, have more chances of staying together according to some people and Snoop Lion certainly believes so.

Famous Marijuana Smokers Want It Legalized

Like many other people who smoke cannabis, Snoop Lion has also made it public that he wants the legalization of cannabis to occur one of these days and that he strongly believes it will help our world. His exact words were “Just like alcohol and prohibition, it’s a business! Alcohol was legalized so it could be taxed. And alcohol and tobacco kill. If you legalize marijuana, it’ll save lives and will put more money in the financial side, so why not?”

Please share this post and like, as just like many other famous marijuana smokers, Snoop Lion is in favor of the legalization of cannabis and this is why Zip420 loves him.
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