Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Marijuana Seeds Are Now Growing In Gottingen

Gottingen’s Marijuana Seeds Are Now Becoming Plants

As I wrote about, in my Germinating Cannabis Seeds blog post a few days ago, the city of Gottingen in Germany, is experiencing a unique kind of protest and at Zip 420, we are very happy about it.   An activist group, by the name of “A Few Autonomous Flower Children” has decided to fight the current cannabis laws in their country, by sowing marijuana seeds in public parks and letting them grow.  This protest, is supposed to fight the “demonization of marijuana” and it is meant to change the current prohibitionist laws. 

According to some sources, the cannabis seeds that were planted by this pro-drug reform group are now starting to grow and some are already showing some leaves.  “We can’t set eyes on this useful and beautiful plant because it’s absolutely forbidden in Germany to grow it,” stated “Der Spiegel”, which is one of Europe’s most famous weekly magazines.

People Support Sowing Marijuana Seeds

Many would think, that the pro-drug reform group that is operating in Gottingen would not have any people to back them up, but the reality is that there are millions of people backing them around the world and that even large organization like the United Press International group and Germany’s Green Party are supporting them.  

This helps prove, that people are looking to get marijuana legalized around the world and that many are doing everything that is in their power to achieve it.  During 2012, a marijuana legalization poll in Germany, released some amazing results, as it showed that at least 152000 Germans are now in favor of legalizing this herb and that many are willing to do anything it takes for accomplishing this. 

Although, it is currently not legal, to consume or be in possession of marijuana in Germany, there are very small penalties and consequences for those who are found carrying small quantities of cannabis, which can be proven is meant for personal consumption and this means that not many see this as a crime anymore. 

While some German cities are stricter about consuming marijuana than others, there are no doubts about people being less worried about their children being exposed to this plant and this is why marijuana reform laws are sure to happen one day. 

Some police officers are already trying to look for the people responsible of sowing these marijuana seeds in Gottingen and they are trying to use some of the pictures that have been made public, to identify these people and were the plants are growing.  While they have in fact taken down seventy marijuana plants already, it will certainly be impossible for them to take down all the plants that this group sowed and this German city will surely have some free pot for some soon. 

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Sowing Marijuana Seeds Is The First Step Towards Legalization

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