Monday, July 22, 2013

Eight US States Are Now Allowing People To Start Growing Hemp

Growing Hemp Is A Great Way To Improve Our Industries

Just like marijuana is a great medicine, it can also be used for industrial purposes and there are now some States in the US, which are allowing their citizens to start growing hemp and to produce certain products with it.  In the past, our ancestors built lots of things from the marijuana plant and there is really no reason why we should not be doing it today.  Hemp is a very durable material and the best part about this, is that hemp is organic and it is much safer for our environment. 

Not only is this safer than other of the products that we have in the market today, but it could also help millions of farmers around the world, to make a good living and to forget about their low incomes forever.   Just as marijuana is being legalized for medicine and recreational purposes, there are millions of people out there, who are activists for the legalization of hemp and there are plenty of good reasons for our government to allow this. 

Vermont Is One Of The States That Now Allows Growing Hemp

As said above, there are now eight US States that are allowing their farmers to start growing hemp on their land, but there are still some problems about this, as Federal Laws, still prohibit this and farmers in these states could be in danger of losing their land. There are 19 US States which have passed hemp legislation, but only nine of them are now allowing their citizens to produce this plant and of those, only eight have their own rules about this. 

The United States once promoted growing hemp in their territory and products like rope and fabrics were some of its main opportunities. Today, we could manufacture tons of different hemp products, as we have better technology and know more about how to make plant matter into useful things.   

Scientific studies and other works have proven that hemp is one of the best opportunities for our industry and environment today, which is why we all need to fight for its legalization, if we want to change our world and live in a nicer place. 

Legalizing hemp and marijuana worldwide, will bring changes that we could never had imagined and there is no doubt that we will have a safer place to live as well.  Fighting organized crime and arresting people for growing a plant that they use for either medicine, recreation or to build things, is not working at all and our penitentiary systems are a proof of that. 

It is time for people to start growing hemp in their lands and if they want to use marijuana for recreational or medicinal purposes, they should also be able to grow it.  Please remember to like and share this article and to subscribe to the free Zip 420 mailing list, by leaving us your email in the box to the right. 

Start Growing Hemp And Make A Difference

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