Saturday, July 13, 2013

New Markets For Marijuana In Colorado

People Want Marijuana In Colorado

Almost all of us know that cannabis has been legalized in the State of Colorado, but what few of you may know is, that there are still some legal things going on and that some entrepreneurs are trying to make this herb, easier to purchase.  

There are people like, Justin Hartfield, who is the CEO of a service that reviews some of the medical marijuana dispensaries in the city of Boulder and other places of Colorado, but now he is concentrating in trying to convince authorities to allow people to establish marijuana farmer markets, as he believes that this is the best way to sell marijuana in Colorado and also the best way for people to get the freshest herb.   

"I got news for you: Marijuana is legal in Colorado, it is no longer a drug in sense. It is a plant. It is a commodity. There's no reason not to allow trade in it openly," stated Hartfield to the press.  Although, cannabis is still not legalized under federal law, the state of Colorado has already accepted this herb and now, it is up to entrepreneurs like Hartfield to find the best way to sell their product.  

Marijuana In Colorado, Should Be Sold In Farmers Market

Just as Hartfield said, now you can buy marijuana in Colorado, without being pursued by the state's law and this is why it should be sold in farmer markets, just as any other agricultural products are being sold there. Imagine if we could all go to our local market and find some fresh cannabis buds.  It would certainly reduce organize crime in many cities of the world and it would also make it easier for medical marijuana patients, to find what they need.  

Even if this may not sound like a good idea to everyone, the truth is that cannabis is nothing more than a plant and it should be sold as other plants are sold, as it does not cause any harm to our bodies and more medical studies are proving this every day. 

According to Hartfield, "it really is very similar to any other organic market, the only difference is this plant has certain peculiarities that, say, a tomato does not. Boulder has a rich history of organic markets, and Boulder is also a city in a State where cannabis is legal. It just makes sense."  

Follow The Latest News About Marijuana In Colorado

Here at Zip 420, we will always try to keep you informed about the latest news about cannabis and what people are doing to get this plant, legalized all over the world.  Just as Mr. Hartfield is fighting to sell marijuana in Colorado, the way that he thinks its best, we should all fight for promoting the legalization of this plant and one day it will be achieved worldwide.  

Please remember to share and like this blog post, so that we can help get marijuana legalized everywhere and to open up some farmer markets that sell this herb.  Just as Mr. Hartfield says, this makes a lot of sense and we are pretty sure that this will happen one day.  You can also subscribe to our mailing list, by leaving us your email in the box to the right and we will send you more information about marijuana in Colorado and how this herb is being legalized around the world.  

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