Friday, July 5, 2013

A Rabbi Says Medical Marijuana Is Kosher

More People Are Looking Forward To Medical Marijuana

The cannabis revolution is here and more people are now understanding the virtues that this plant has and how helpful it can be for all of us. Today, an Israeli Rabbi, has stated that he believes medical marijuana to be Kosher, which should help to make more people understand that cannabis is a medicine and not a drug. 

According to the statement from Rabbi Efraim Zalmanovich, a religious Jew could now consume marijuana for medicinal purposes, if it is prescribed for them and is meant to ease pain or other illnesses.  According to Zalmanovich, smoking marijuana for pure pleasure or to simply get a high, is not accepted in their religion yet, just as alcohol and other substances are.  

The exact words of the Rabbi were: "Taking drugs to escape this world in an excessive way is certainly forbidden.  However, if the drug is administered to relieve pain, then the person giving it is performing a mitzvah." Those who are part of the Jewish religion, will know that "mitzvah", means to collect a good dead, which will help that person to get into heaven.  

Jewish And Other Religions Are Accepting Medical Marijuana

As we have been saying in this blog for the past couple of months, medical marijuana is now being accepted by more people all over the world and once religions start accepting it too, we can only hope for the legalization of this herb to come even sooner.  

According to the Israeli Health Ministry, Israel distributes more than 850 pounds of cannabis as medicine to its citizens every year, which should give you an idea of how many people are using it and how well accepted this herb is in this country today.  

Doctors in Israel, are free to prescribe cannabis to patients who suffer from cancer, Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis and chronic pain.  Today, there are over 11000 Israelis, who are using this herb as a medicine and the number keeps growing year after year.  

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Israelis Have The Right Idea About Medical Marijuana

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