Thursday, July 11, 2013

Landlord Allows Tenants To Smoke Marijuana

You Can Now Smoke Marijuana Legally In Some Places

Reforms and changes about cannabis are being made worldwide and now that many places are allowing its people to smoke marijuana, things are beginning to look a lot brighter for all of us.  Now, there are even some landlords, who allow their tenants to smoke this herb and this proves how there are plenty of people out there, who believe that cannabis should be legalized and that there is really nothing wrong with consuming it. 

The myths about marijuana being an extremely dangerous drug are being proven wrong by scientific studies and by people who consume this herb on a regular basis. The facts are showing that cannabis is not as dangerous as some of our ancestors said and this is why Zip 420 is trying to promote the legalization of this herb worldwide. 

A Landlord From Washington Allows Tenants To Smoke Marijuana

As you may already know, the State of Washington in the US has legalized marijuana for both medicinal and recreational use and now there are some landlords, who are allowing its tenants to smoke marijuana in their rentals and this is proof of how cannabis is being consumed by more people every day. 

Jon Adams is a landlord in Spokane Valley in Washington State and he announced in one of the local news that he will allow the people living in his property to smoke pot, as he believes that there is nothing wrong with it and that this will cause no harm to anyone.  Adams also stated that he is only going with the trend and his exact words were, “It basically says that although we don’t condone its use, we do not discriminate against marijuana use in our units.”

According to Adams, it will be a lot better to have people smoking marijuana in his building, instead of drinking all of the time, as he believes that alcohol can be a lot more dangerous than marijuana and I also believe that he is right. 

Tyson Taylor is one of the people who lives in Adams building and he has stated that he has not found any problems coming from this, which is why he is a supporter of Adams decision.  “I think it’s great that Jon made the policy, you know? It’s just not good to be out here yelling and fighting when you could be smoking a bowl and just sitting and chilling”, said Taylor. 

More Landlords Should Let Their Tenants Smoke Marijuana

If more landlords begin to allow their tenants to consume cannabis freely in their buildings, we will soon start to see a change in our communities and we will certainly have more peace.  It is now known that people who smoke marijuana, are not going to do many crazy things and that we do tend to be more relaxed, which means that problems will be reduced and everyone will have a nicer time. 

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