Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Mangoes Can Give You A Longer Marijuana High

Prolong Your Marijuana High With Mangoes

As you already know, more people are less concerned about the effects of cannabis and millions now realize that consuming marijuana is far less dangerous than consuming alcohol or tobacco.  According to NORML, at least 100 million Americans have consumed this herb and the number is only growing, as time goes by.  Studies have also proven that alcohol and tobacco related deaths, are a lot higher than marijuana related deaths, as there has never been a single death directly caused by cannabis. 

These are the main reasons why cannabis consumption is on a rise and why more people are looking for ways to prolong their marijuana high as well.  There are plenty of stories and myths out there, about ways to increase the potency of your cannabis, but few may actually know that mangoes are an effective way to do this and that many people are already using this fruit to do so. 

A Better Marijuana High With Mangoes

According to the Berkeley Patients Care Collective, mangoes contain a high level of vitamin A and they also contain a chemical named myrcene, which gives them their unique smell and which is also a chemical that can be found in the marijuana plant.  They also found out, that consuming a mango either before or after consuming cannabis, can increase your marijuana high, as the chemicals that are found in this fruit, will enter your bloodstream and they will interact with the THC that you consume. 

It is now believed, that consuming a mango before you consume cannabis, can really increase your high and it will also make it last longer.  This can be of great help for medical cannabis patients, as this will allow them to consume the herb less and only use it, if they are really not feeling good. 

Those who enjoy consuming marijuana for recreational purposes can also benefit from eating a mango before smoking or eating this herb, because the marijuana high will be much better and the sensation that you will get is definitely something worth experiencing. 

Whether you are satisfied with the high that you get when you consume marijuana or not, you should definitely try eating a mango before smoking or eating this herb, as you will feel something different and if you like cannabis as much as true Zip 420 followers do, you will surely enjoy this tip a lot. 

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Eat A Mango And Prolong Your Marijuana High

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