Monday, July 8, 2013

Marijuana Is A Necessity For Some People

There Are Many People Who Cannot Live Without Marijuana

At Zip 420, we have talked about the different benefits of cannabis and how much this herb, can help a person to live a better life. Today, the Washington Post, published an article about people who really need marijuana to stay alive and we believe that it is a very interesting article, as it has some different opinions about the benefits of this herb and it also helps people to understand, why it can be so beneficial.  

The article, describes the story of a 26 year old woman, who was diagnosed with breast cancer and who had to undergo many different types of medical treatments.  These included surgeries, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and others, which can be very hard on a person and not everyone is capable of withstanding them.  The patient in this article, describes how she felt after taking A/C, which is a prescribed drug, meant to help people with cancer, but the fact is that it causes more harm than good and that not many people have positive results with it.

The patient, also tells us about all of her suffering after taking this drug and how she was not able to lead a normal life, as she felt weak, was not able to get out of bed, had nausea most of the day and other horrible feelings, which no person should have to live with.  Finally after weeks of suffering, this patient found cannabis and she is now able to live a better life, without much of the suffering that this disease can bring and is already doing much better.  

Marijuana Does Save Lives

This is not the only story, about a person being able to lead a better life with marijuana, which is why more people are becoming interested in the benefits of this herb and why Zip 420 urges everyone to help promote the legalization of cannabis around the world. 

Most countries of the world, are still forbidding people from consuming cannabis for medicinal purposes and this is something that we must all help change.  There is really no reason to keep cannabis illegal, as prohibition has not yielded any positive results and it has proven to be a tougher problem to solve, than some of the so called problems, related to consuming cannabis.  

There are many things that marijuana can help us do and this is why we must all admit that keeping this herb illegal is not the best choice for our communities.  Don't forget to share and like this article, so that more people can learn about this young woman's story and how cannabis helped her to lead a better life.  You should also subscribe to our mailing list, by leaving us your email in the box to the right, so that we can send you some interesting information about medicinal cannabis and how it is helping the world.  

Marijuana Is Close To Being Legalized Everywhere

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