Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Fountain Hills Finally Gets Their Medical Marijuana Dispensary

A New Medical Marijuana Dispensary

It has been around 11 months, since the State of Arizona in the US, awarded licenses to businesses and entrepreneurs who want to open their own medical marijuana dispensary and today, the first dispensary has opened in Fountain Hills.

Just as the Town Code established, there is a uniformed security guard at the front door of this dispensary and inspectors have completed their routines, in order to get the dispensary’s security cameras working and filming everything that goes on there.  This will guarantee that people without permission, will not have access to some of the restricted areas inside the dispensary and it will also help to make this business a lot more professional.  Bulletproof glass, has also been installed inside this building, which is meant to protect against any armed robberies and other crimes. 

According to Doug Shaugnessy, who is the manager of this medical marijuana dispensary in Fountain Hills, the bulletproof glass and other security standards, were copied from those standards that banks follow and he believes this will really help to protect the dispensary and its patients. 

The New Medical Marijuana Dispensary

The name that was given to this new medical marijuana dispensary in Fountain Hills is, “Nature’s AZ Medicines” and they are certain that no illegal marijuana trading will come from them.  They are working hard on how to monitor the people that will be buying cannabis from them and they will keep patient records completely sealed, so nobody else has access to their personal information. 

Joe Rodriguez, who is the Maricopa County Sheriff Captain, stated that they are not going to be paying any special attention to this new medical cannabis dispensary and this proves how authorities and the government are now more open to these types of businesses.  “We do not get involved in the operations of the business, nor can we target the customers as they leave there.  I am aware of the security procedures that are in place with the facility. Otherwise, it will be business as usual for us”, stated Rodriguez.

It was back in 2010, when the people of Arizona voted on legalizing cannabis for medicinal purposes and they won by a very short margin.  Since then, there have been many discussions, as to how the medical marijuana dispensaries should operate within the State and this is the main reason why, it took so long for the first medical cannabis dispensary to open its doors in Fountain Hills. 

Every Town Should Have Their Own Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Just like many cities in the US and around the world, every town should have its own medical marijuana dispensary, as this will benefit a lot of people and will also help to reduce criminal activity related to this herb. 

It is time for the world to realize that cannabis is a medicine and that prohibiting people from consuming this herb, is simply not the way to go.  Please remember to share and like this blog post and to subscribe to the free Zip 420 newsletter, by leaving us your email in the box to the right.   We will tell you more about medical marijuana dispensary operations and how this herb is being legalized around the world.

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