Friday, July 19, 2013

Germinating Cannabis Seeds

People Want To Start Germinating Cannabis Seeds

There are now millions of marijuana activists around the world and we all have our own personal way, of helping promote the legalization of cannabis were we live.  Some people protest against prohibitionist laws, by marching and telling others the benefits of legalizing cannabis worldwide. There are others who become activists and give out speeches to masses, helping to gather more people for our cause and there are even some who are protesting by germinating cannabis seeds and planting them in public parks. 

The people of the city of Gottingen, in Germany, have finally had enough about prohibitionist laws and they have decided to sow marijuana seeds all over their city, in order to get others to realize that there is nothing wrong with having this herb around. 

Not only are the people from Gottingen, using their public parks to grow marijuana now, but they are also doing it in their home, in pots and in their gardens.  This proves, how the majority of people  around the world, are now interested in getting this herb legalized and what some activists are capable of doing, when they have had enough of dumb prohibitionist laws.

We Should All Start Germinating Cannabis Seeds

Just as the people in Gottingen, everyone who believes that marijuana needs to be legalized, should start germinating their own marijuana seeds, as this will give the non-activists an idea of what this herb really is. 
Most of the people who are against regulating cannabis around the world, have really no good arguments and most know nothing about the benefits of this herb.  Many people are still under the impression that cannabis is a dangerous drug and that it can lead to people committing crimes and acting crazy, which is a total lie.     

The protest in Gottingen really proves the fact, that people are now in favor of legalizing marijuana and that fewer people are now afraid of germinating cannabis seeds.  If activists in Germany are already protesting this way, there is really nothing stopping other activists from doing the same thing and if you are really serious about legalizing marijuana and are not afraid of getting caught sowing these seeds, this might also be a good way for you to take action and help to get cannabis legalized worldwide. 

Germinating Cannabis Seeds Should Be Legal Now

Whether you like it or not, cannabis will be legal one day and we are certainly getting closer to it, than ever.  Millions of people are now trying to get their local marijuana laws changed and it will not be long, until every country changes their point of view. 

The germinating cannabis seeds in public grounds example that the people of Gottingen have given us, is a great example of what liberty means and there really shouldn’t be anyone with the power to prohibit this herb to others. 

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