Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Cannabis Control Is Still Being Studied In Uruguay

More Funds Are Needed For Cannabis Control

As we have talked about before in this blog, Uruguay, is one of the countries that is thinking about the legalization of marijuana and has already changed some of its laws, to make this herb legal countrywide.  Just like any other industry, marijuana will need to be regulated by some government offices, but in Uruguay, there are still some problems deciding, which institutions these will be and there is still no settlement on how much funds these organizations should receive. 

The “Instituto de Regulacion y Control del Cannabis” or IRCCA, is the most likely institution to be in charge of regulating and administering this herb in Uruguay, but they cannot operate effectively, if they are not given some funds soon and if these are not enough.  This institution will most likely be in charge of registering the consumers and buyers, managing the pharmacies that will be distributing this herb and controlling the number of producers that will be growing cannabis plants. 

We Need Funds To Legalize Cannabis In Uruguay

Without some decent funds, it will be very hard to establish some regulations to make this herb legal in Uruguay and all over the world, which is why we all need to help and make others understand that this is the right thing to do today.  The sooner that some funds are given to organizations like the one established in Uruguay, the sooner that we will be able to regulate this herb and provide it to the different people, who really need it to survive. 

The Uruguay Senate still needs to accept some of the terms and proposed ideas for this regulation and we are all hoping that this happens very soon.  If the Senate does not approve these regulations, it will be almost impossible for the IRCCA to receive enough funds to operate and the legalization of marijuana in Uruguay might take longer than we expected. 

While there are millions of people supporting the legalization of this herb in Uruguay, there are still many things to be done and this is why institutions like the IRCCA are looking to get enough funds to operate, before the year ends.  Many are convinced that the Senate will accept some of these terms in the next couple of weeks and if this is so, we might very well be seeing some changes in this country in the next few months and soon all over the world. 

Those who are not convinced about the medical benefits of cannabis need to read some of the articles in this blog and hear what some medical marijuana patients have to say about this herb. Their stories are truly amazing and they will surely make you change your mind about the pros and cons of the marijuana plant. 

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Funding Will Allow Cannabis To Become Legal One Day

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