Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Robin Thicke Makes His Love For Cannabis Public

How Much Weed Has Robin Thicke Bought?

It is not uncommon for singers and movie artists, to get involved with cannabis at some point of their lives and Robin Thicke is no different.  Thicke is an American-Canadian singer, who was born in Los Angeles and who has recently made public his love for cannabis.  He recently told the press that he is now convinced that he has spent over $500000 on marijuana and that he does not expect this sum to stop there. 

Just like many other singers and people around the world, Thicke is moved by the power of cannabis and he has stated that it does help him work, unlike what many non cannabis activists have stated before.  Thicke, was arrested for possession of marijuana in New York City, only last year and since then, he has told the press how much he has spent on this herb and that it has not really affected his career up until now. 

Robin Thicke Loves Cannabis

According to “The Sun” from Britain, Robin Thicke has been consuming marijuana for quite some time now and he has made some very positive statements about this herb throughout the years.   “I do smoke. I do everything I’m not supposed to do.  Weed is my crutch, my muse, the lesser of all evil.  I’ve spent a good $500000 on pot.  I’ve tried to quit smoking.  I’ve quit everything once.  My buddy runs a store, I can get medical marijuana. When I’m at home, I’m a non-stop chimney,” said Thicke to “The Sun”.

It was last year in Manhattan, when Thicke was supposedly sitting in his car, with a join in his hand and was arrested by police.  The “Blurred Lines” singer had to spend some time fixing this problem, but since he did not have a large amount of marijuana, he did not get in any more trouble. 

Robin Thicke Is Not The Only One Spending A Fortune On Cannabis

All around the world, there are millions of people who consume marijuana every single day and there are plenty, who have spent as much money on weed, as Robin Thicke has.  Listening to people talk about the fortunes that they have spent on this herb, should not be a surprise to anyone anymore, but the fact that we are not able to grow our own yet, should. 

If cannabis laws were change all over the world and we were allowed to grow our own marijuana plants, we would be able to consume this herb, at almost no costs at all, which would benefit many of us and would certainly benefit all those patients, who really need cannabis to live. 

It is time for the world to realize that cannabis is only a plant and that people will continue to consume it, whether others like it or not.  Please remember to click the like and share buttons at the bottom of this article, so that more people can learn about the amount of money that Robin Thicke has spent on cannabis and to subscribe to our mailing list in the box to the right, so that we can send you more useful information about this herb.  

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