Monday, August 12, 2013

Rob Kampia Believes In Legalizing Cannabis

Rob Kampia Believes Alaska Might Be The Next State To Legalize Marijuana

The number of people who now support the legalization of cannabis, is growing substantially every single day and Rob Kampia, who is the executive director of the Marijuana Policy Project, now believes that Alaska might be changing its laws on cannabis very soon, as well as other States in the US and countries of the world. 

Kampia was recently interviewed by “Reason” and he had some very interesting things to say about the legalization of marijuana around the world.  “I think the next state to legalize will be Alaska, through a ballot initiative that we’re running in August of 2014. Through state legislatures, I think the first state is going to be Rhode Island.”

Mr. Kampia, has also predicted that other states of the US will be voting in favor of marijuana and that this will all happen on the same day, during 2016.  He believes that some of the states that will make huge changes to their current marijuana laws are Nevada, Maine, Arizona, California and Massachusetts.

Rob Kampia Is Right About Legalizing Marijuana

There is no doubt about the people in Alaska and Rhode Island wanting to legalize marijuana within their state and there are even some professional polls, which prove this.  The Public Policy Polling in Alaska, recently found out that at least 54% of the people living in that State, want to legalize cannabis and that most don’t see anything wrong with consuming this herb. 

In April, the state of Rhode Island decided to decriminalize marijuana possession of up to one ounce of herb and another bill, has also been made public in this state, which would allow people in this state, to consume marijuana for recreational purposes.  A poll in this state, also found that at least 52% of the people living in Rhode Island are in favor of legalizing weed and that they believe it is not more harmful than alcohol is to our societies.    

The best comment that Rob Kampia made during his interview was what he thought about the federal marijuana law in the US, as he also predicted that these laws will be changed within the next decade.  “My prediction, changing federal law will be 2019, but we’re going to have to deal with a lot of difficult states after 2019, like Mississippi and Alabama”, said Rob Kampia to the press. 

Whether some people are still in doubt about legalizing marijuana worldwide, the fact is that more people are supporting it these days and that Rob Kampia might be right about the things that he predicted.  There is no doubt that marijuana will be legalized one day, but the dates that Kampia talked about in his interview, certainly make a lot of sense and at Zip 420 we really believe that his predictions will come true and some may come earlier than others. 

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Rob Kampia Is Right About Marijuana Legalization

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