Thursday, August 15, 2013

A Man Who Grew Cannabis Is Spared From Jail

Jail Is No Longer An Option For Marijuana Enthusiasts

There have now been several cases, where judges decide to spare cannabis users or growers from jail and a man named Glen Bellamy was recently spared as well.  This proves that judges are now being more forgiving about people who grow marijuana for medicinal purposes and that societies do no longer want to keep cannabis users behind bars. 

According to some newspapers from England, Glen Bellamy, who is a 53 year old man, who lives in Limestone Grange, Ideford, Devon, was growing marijuana to help his wife and because he believes it is far more dangerous going out to the black market and trying to score some weed there. 

The information that was provided to the Exeter Crown Court, stated that Bellamy was growing at least 40 marijuana plants and that his harvest would of have been at least two kilograms of this herb.  The information also stated that Bellamy was growing marijuana, because he wanted to help his sick wife and that he was providing the herb for her in a tea form. 

Cannabis Users Should Not Be In Jail

People, who consume marijuana, should not be placed in jail, because most can really behave themselves and the majority never commits a crime.  Those statements about weed making people act irrationally, are completely false and this is why Recorder Mr. James Tindal, decided to spare Mr. Bellamy this time.    
Mr. Tindal told Mr. Bellamy, “When I was told the cannabis was being grown for personal use I was cynical, if not skeptical, but having heard from you and your wife I accept entirely your account.”

It was also stated that Bellamy was using the herb to make cannabis tea and edibles for her wife, who suffers from terrible pain and a chronic medical condition, which has placed her in the hospital more than once. 

According to Bellamy, he had no idea that his crop was worth at least 25000 Pounds and that he was only growing it for personal use.  Bellamy also stated that his wife and him, decided to grow that number of plants, because they do not like smoking marijuana and edibles require larger amounts of herb.

The judge finally accepted that Bellamy was not trying to sell his crop and that he was only doing this to help his wife.  This means that Bellamy will not end up serving some time behind bars, but the judge did decided to punish him in some way.  Bellamy’s punishment will include a three month curfew and a 424 Pounds fine. 

The judge’s exact words were, “The exceptional circumstances of your wife’s illness led to this offence and since then you and your wife have found alternative ways of dealing with that illness.” This proves that people, who really need cannabis, will find it no matter what and that it really makes no sense, placing cannabis users in jail for consuming this herb. Please remember to share and like this article and to subscribe to the Zip 420 mailing list to the right.    

Don’t Send Cannabis Consumers To Jail

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