Friday, August 9, 2013

Famous Doctor Sanjay Gupta Changes His View On Cannabis

Famous Doctor Sanjay Gupta Now Approves Marijuana

Like millions of people around the world, famous doctor Sanjay Gupta has also changed his point of view on the benefits of medicinal cannabis and this only proves how we have all been lied to for the past century.  Marijuana is definitely not a drug and we are now seeing the great benefits that this herb can have for some patients.  When famous doctors like Sanjay Gupta begin to change their point of view, we can only assume that he has also learned about the benefit of this herb throughout the years and that it is time for cannabis to become legal everywhere.   

Dr. Sanjay Gupta is also the chief medical correspondent at CNN and CBS News, and today, he wrote about why he does no longer think that cannabis is drug. Gupta also filmed a documentary titled “Weed” recently, which is why he has changed his point of views on this herb and this is definitely a point of favor of marijuana legalization around the world. 

Famous Doctor Sanjay Gupta Admits He Was Wrong About Cannabis

In an interview, Dr. Gupta stated the following, “Long before I began this project, (the documentary titled “Weed”) I had steadily reviewed the scientific literature on medical marijuana from the United States and thought it was fairly unimpressive. Well, I am here to apologize.”

Dr. Gupta now admits, that he had not paid attention to all of the legitimate patients, who are really benefiting from medical marijuana and he now says, “I mistakenly believed the Drug Enforcement Agency listed marijuana as a schedule one substance, because of sound scientific proof. They didn’t have the science to support that claim, and I now know that when it comes to marijuana neither of those things are true.”

According to Dr. Gupta and many other sources, marijuana is not nearly as addictive as tobacco and cocaine, which is why it cannot be compared to these drugs and should be in another different category completely. Famous doctor Sanjay Gupta is also one of the faculty members at the Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta and there are people who say that he was offered job by President Barack Obama, back in 2009, which proves that he is one of the most respected doctors in the US and that his point of views, really do matter. 

While Dr. Gupta is still not in favor of allowing children and teenagers to consume cannabis, he does admit that this herb can help underage people too.  Gupta also talks about, how he feels that more research on medical marijuana is needed and he also said, “We have been terribly and systematically misled for nearly 70 years in the United States, and I apologize for my own role in that.”

 Famous Doctor Sanjay Gupta Now Has It Right

If we could more famous doctors, politicians and celebrities admitting to the lies that we have been told for more than 70 years, we will soon be able to legalize marijuana around the world.  Famous doctor Sanjay Gupta has taken a huge step and we must appreciate his courage to come forward and admit that he was wrong about medical marijuana.

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