Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Legalization Of Weed In Uruguay

Uruguay Is Ahead Of Other Countries With Their Legalization Of Weed

Recent news, have identified Uruguay, as probably the first country in the world to legalize marijuana and to change its laws to end the prohibition of this herb.  It is now believed, that Uruguay will be the first country to regulate the cannabis market and to encourage people to start growing and selling this plant.  They believe that this is the only way to protect users from having to purchase their herb from illegal drug traffickers and it will certainly be an example for other countries that are looking into the legalization of weed, within their borders.

Uruguay’s President, Jose Mujica, has been looking for new alternatives to end the global war against drugs and now that the legal marijuana market has made its way to congress, he is looking forward to a great victory for his government and country as well.  “I’m an old man… I never smoked marijuana, but I have come to notice what the life of young people is like.  The consumption is already happening – it’s around every corner, and it comes from a clandestine market that by nature has ferocious rules.  It’s a monopoly of mafias,” stated Mujica on a radio show last week. 

The Reality Of The Legalization Of Weed In Uruguay

Not only is President Mujica convinced about the benefits of legalization, but he is also aware of the many problems that will be solved after approving the new marijuana laws in this country.  According to him, there are at least 100 murdered people by drug traffickers, for every 10 deaths caused by a drug overdose, (which is something that has never happened to anyone who consumes cannabis, in the history of humankind).

President Mujica also said, “The worst thing of all is that it never ends! How many keep falling? And drugs are still out there – why? Because the profits are enormous!”  This is something that more people have become aware of and the best part about this is that many politicians have the same idea and this means that the legalization of weed is right around the corner.       

Now, 50 lawmakers in the lower house congress, voted in favor of legalizing marijuana in Uruguay and only 46 voted against, which meant that the marijuana laws will be modified here very soon and that other countries will start following on their footsteps soon too.  It is now up to Uruguay’s Senate to complete the approval of these new laws and things are really looking good, for everyone who wants to legalize weed. 

The Legalization Of Weed Has Been Around For Some Time In Uruguay

Smoking cannabis has been allowed in Uruguay for some time now, but the possession, purchasing, selling and growing of this plant, is still illegal right now, which is why people are now fighting for the complete legalization of weed in this country.  Once cannabis is legal in Uruguay, adults will be able to use it for any purpose, whether it is medical, recreational or for industrial purposes. 

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