Saturday, August 3, 2013

Mobile Companies Start Promoting Marijuana Legalization

Marijuana Legalization In Chile

Today, I have some more great news for all those cannabis lovers out there, as a mobile company is now apparently helping to promote the legalization of marijuana in Chile and this is something that we should all celebrate about.  When more legal companies begin to promote marijuana legalization, we will start seeing more changes in our communities and what Virgin Mobile is doing in Chile is certainly something important for all of us.  

In the past, companies and marketers, have been skeptical about using any marijuana related topics on their advertisements and marketing campaigns, because they believe this can get them in trouble and maybe not have the effect that they wish to have on their clients.  Today, Virgin Mobile has completely forgotten about those fears and it has featured a beautiful advertisement with a cannabis plant in it.  

Virgin Mobile Promotes Marijuana Legalization

While not many other companies are doing this yet, Virgin Mobile has taken a first step, towards adding marijuana images to their marketing campaigns and they will surely get a better response from the public, than what most marketers expected in the past.  In their latest marketing campaign, Virgin Mobile decided to make public, a beautiful picture of a silhouette and a cannabis plant.  The cartoonish character, is watering the marijuana plant and it is certainly one of the best ads that I have seen in a while. (You can see the picture in this blog post)

The ad, invites users to log in to Twitter freely, from their own mobile web application and it appears to be a really good decision.  In some of their latest Tweets, Virgin Mobile has also posted about marijuana legalization and they admit that they are in favor of legalizing this plant.  

Celebrities, like Rhianna, are already promoting the legalization of cannabis in their work and at Zip 420, we believe that Virgin Mobile has made a great decision to include this in their marketing campaign.  If more companies start using marijuana in their ads, we will surely see more people agreeing with the legalization of cannabis and this is something that we really want.  

We All Need To Promote Marijuana Legalization

The only way that the we will convince skeptics about marijuana legalization being the right choice for the world, is if we all help to promote it and do something about it now.  We are closer than ever to getting this done and at Zip 420, we believe it is only a matter of time, for the world to realize that marijuana needs to be legalized.  

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