Sunday, August 18, 2013

New York Marijuana Laws Should Be Changed

Current New York Marijuana Laws Have Failed

There is no doubt that the way cops and courts are treating marijuana possession cases in New York, is a complete waste of time and money for everyone.  Prohibition does not work and the laws that are currently being followed in New York are only making things worse.  This state could save millions of dollars by simply changing the current marijuana laws, as many of the low level prosecutions are really not necessary and are only affecting economics nationwide.  

According to some city reports, if New York marijuana laws are changed, they could bring well over $400 million every single year, which would help to fund other important things, such as education or real crime control.  Not only would this benefit New York economically, but it would also benefit all those people who need marijuana for medicinal purposes and this alone should be a reason to change these laws right now.  

At the moment, if you are caught with a small amount of cannabis in New York, you could be facing some serious problems and this is certainly something that is not helping the current society.  People no longer see cannabis as a hardcore drug and it is time for government to accept that it is not, just like many experts are already changing their points of view about it too.  

New York Marijuana Laws Are A Mistake

As said above, the current New York marijuana laws can really bring some serious problems for those caught in possession of this herb and some of those problems include not being able to apply for some student loans or not being able to get certain jobs.  This not only leads to personal problems for people and their families, but it also affects the city's and State's economy, which is why legalizing marijuana is not a bad idea at all.  

By legalizing this herb in New York, there would be a lot more money flowing around and this means that more people would have jobs and steady incomes.  People with certain diseases, would also be able to find their medicine quite easily and they would not have to contact criminals to get their marijuana.  Cops would also be able to focus on real criminals and not on those people who are smoking a joint in the park or that have grown some plants in their homes, for personal consumption.  

The Obama administration,is now trying to make these types of arrests go away, which is certainly great news for everyone who wants cannabis legalized, but there are still many things to be done to change New York marijuana laws and if more people do not change their point of views about this herb, it will be nearly impossible for us to accomplish this.  

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The New York Marijuana Laws Will Be Changed One Day

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