Thursday, August 22, 2013

Uruguay’s Questions About Weed

Weed Is Being Legalized In Uruguay

As we have written about before in this blog, Uruguay is very likely to be the first country in the world, to fully legalize marijuana, but there are still some doubts about how this will work and if everything will be properly controlled.  Some people have questions about how much cannabis there will be available to satisfy everyone’s urge for marijuana, as well as how it will be grown and if adults will be able to give their children some weed or not. 

Some are also wondering about who will set the price for this herb and how much it will cost, as it has not been sold legally for many years now and there are still many who believe that drug traffickers might still be involved in this business.  Top officials, from Uruguay’s government, have already been thinking about answers and solutions for these questions, and most of them sound very smart and possible.  

Officials’ Opinion About Weed

According to drug czar, Julio Calzada, “The answer will come.  We’re working out the details.” Although, he was not very specific about those details, the truth is that they are working hard toward getting weed legalized in this country and that they are still looking for the best solutions to the current problems.  There has never been a similar regulation in another country of the world, which is why this could be called an experiment.  There are still many doubts about how much time it will take to get this working properly, but some believe that it may only take a few months and others still think that it might take several years. 

Some of the things that have been established already include three different ways for people to get their cannabis in Uruguay and these include:

  • ·         Growing it in their homes.
  • ·         Joining or creating a cannabis club and getting a government license to grow the herb. 
  • ·         Buy it from a government store.

According to Martin Marquez who is a member of President Jose Mujica’s Movement of Popular Participation party, “In reality, most people will grow it themselves.  Things won’t really change much for people like me.”

Experts also believe that they will be able to leave narcos out of the picture, as Uruguay will have small farms growing weed, it will be sold at government approved stores and it will also be labeled properly.  This will prevent unlicensed weed to be sold and it will also provide useful information for the final consumer. 

When asked about marijuana’s price, experts stated that it is very likely that the price for this herb will fluctuate, depending on the offer and demand for it overtime.  They also stated that growers and different cultivation methods, might set different prices for this herb, but that they do not see many problems figuring this out. 

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Weed Will Be Legal In Uruguay

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