Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Young Girl Relieves Her Seizures With Marijuana

Seizures Can Be Relieved With Cannabis

Marijuana has been a major issue in the world for the past century and now, medical marijuana may be coming everywhere, as more signs of its benefits are showing up today and more people are realizing how useful it can really be.  Seizures have been one of the worst medical problems for humankind and those who suffer from them, can state that they cannot live a normal life most of the time. 

Now, a little girl has proven that marijuana can be used to relieve this sort of illness and this will surely help everyone to know more about the medical benefits of cannabis and why it should become legal right now.

The Story Of A Little Girl With Seizures And Marijuana

Matt and Paige Figi, are the proud parents of Charlotte Figi and they live in Colorado.  Charlotte was born with a strange form of epilepsy, which has caused her to suffer many seizures over the years.  These first started when she was barely three months old and there is no doubt that this was very hard for both her and her parents. 

The scientific name for this syndrome is “Dravet Syndrome” and it causes children of young ages to suffer some repetitive and very intense seizures.  The Figi’s tried everything in their hands, to find a treatment or useful medicine for their daughter, but after several treatments and advice from Dravet specialists, the results were not that positive.

The Figi’s were almost out of hope and options, but then Colorado voters decided to approve their medical marijuana laws and these included seizures as one of the illnesses that this herb can cure.  Plenty of doctors denied the Figi’s the permission to give medical cannabis to their daughter, but after several tries, they were finally able to get Charlotte her medical marijuana card. 

After Charlotte began consuming cannabis, she did not suffer any type of seizure for seven days, which was a drastic improvement, from the 300 seizures that she was experiencing every week.  The Figi’s knew right then and there, that marijuana was the perfect medicine for their daughter and she has been consuming it ever since.  Now, Charlotte is able to learn, play, ride her bicycle, speak normally and she really seems like she will have a normal life after all. 

While some still argue that this is only making Charlotte high, the truth is that she is only given two drops of cannabis oil every day in her food and that the THC content in the strain that her parents use is extremely low. 

This medical cannabis story is only one of many and even though marijuana might not work as a medicine for all of us, it can certainly help millions of people around the world and this is why we must all fight for cannabis legalization right now. 

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Seizures Can Be Stopped With Marijuana

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