Monday, August 19, 2013

New Marijuana Laws In New Jersey

New Jersey Is Making The Right Choice About Their Marijuana Laws

Governor Christie is ready to sign a bill, which will allow children and adults to consume marijuana for medicinal purposes in New Jersey, which is certainly one of the best decisions that he has made during his term.  Not only did Gov. Christie favor the new marijuana laws in New Jersey, but the Senate in this State also voted in favor of it and they got 34 votes in favor against only one. 

It was just this last Friday, when Gov. Christie decided that he would not sign the new marijuana bill, unless lawmakers made some important changes to it and now there are many reasons to believe that these changes will take place.  Christie believes that marijuana edibles should become available within the State, as they are currently prohibited and he believes that these are an excellent way to treat minors who could benefit from cannabis. 

The bill, will now move on to the State’s Assembly, which is currently not in session and this is why there is still not a date set for the new marijuana laws in New Jersey, but things are definitely looking bright for all cannabis enthusiasts in this State.  

Parents Also Want Marijuana Laws In New Jersey To Change

Stories about children being able to live a normal life, thanks to cannabis, are multiplying and this was also one of the most important parts in recent reunions at New Jersey.  A man named Brian Wilson, tried talking to the Governor and told him, “Please don’t let my daughter die, Governor,” as she suffers from seizures and is being benefited by medical marijuana right now. 

Thanks to comments like this, Governor Christie is now changing his mind about marijuana laws in New Jersey and it is very likely that this State will regulate this herb very soon.  Christie is also one of the possible presidential candidates for the Republican Party and he is trying to change people’s point of views on this topic, as it is obvious that he believes that cannabis is more than just an herb and that it can really help out millions of people around the world. 

Senator Nicholas P. Scutari also had some things to say about all this and his exact words were, “These commonsense changes are a small step toward ensuring that children who are suffering from a debilitating condition can get the compassionate care they deserve.  I want to thank the Wilson family for working with us on this legislation.” If this new marijuana laws are accepted in New Jersey, dispensaries would be able to grow more than three marijuana strains, which is the limit right now and the Governor has already accepted these new terms. 

Things are looking good for those people who need marijuana as a medicine and as more governments are changing their laws about this herb, more people will begin to notice the real benefits of cannabis and how it can save our world.  Please remember to share and like this blog post and to subscribe to our mailing list to the right. 

New Jersey Marijuana Laws Will Help To Legalize This Herb Worldwide 

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