Friday, August 2, 2013

Debating About Cannabis Mexican Laws

Mexican Laws Might Be Changed Soon

At Zip 420, we want to keep you informed about what countries around the world are doing to legalize marijuana and now it appears that Mexico is also looking to legalize this herb.  In the past couple of weeks, the ex Mexican President, Vicente Fox, has been publicly speaking about legalizing cannabis worldwide and other Mexican politicians have followed him as well. 

 One of these politicians is Fernando Belaunzaran, who is a member of the PRD political party and is also a federal deputy, which means that his ideas will be heard in the Mexican capital and they might also be approved soon.  According to Belaunzaran, there are still many people who say false things about marijuana, which is why he believes a thorough analysis needs to be done on this herb and let everyone know about it. 

He also stated that Mexico is ready for its lawmakers to analyze the possibility of regulating cannabis and that it could be one of the best things that could happen for this country.  “Things are changing around the world, Mexico needs to discuss this, as we are the country that has paid the highest price, due to the current prohibitionist laws and being the neighbor to the number one drug consumer country in the world.”

There have been more than 60000 murders and 26000 missing people in Mexico, during the last six years and these are numbers which can be compared to a civil war and they have all been caused by organized crime and drug trafficking.

Mexican Laws On Cannabis Will Be Changed One Day

Just as ex President, Vicente Fox stated, some new Mexican laws on cannabis, would help to take away some of the profits that illegal drug traffickers make every year and this would certainly help to reduce the criminal activity in this country a lot.  Politicians in Mexico are now stating how important it is to have a debate about this herb and that everyone should unite to change marijuana laws in Mexico today. 

Those politicians, who are still giving out false information about cannabis, are simply not well informed and are not having an open mind about this at all.  This causes entire countries to stay behind and if these ideas are not changed soon, we will surely keep seeing the problems that we currently have right now. 

Belaunzaran, will be the moderator for the “Legal cannabis situation in Mexico” movement and he stated that marijuana needs to be regulated, not liberalize it, as regulating means controlling and this is certainly what Mexico and other countries in the world need.  

He also stated that a substance that is prohibited does not mean that people do not consume it and that regulating a substance, does not mean that its consumption will be promoted.   According to the National Addiction Poll, the consumption of marijuana has increased in Mexico over the last few years and substances like tobacco, which is legal, have decreased its consumption, which prove that regulating a substance does not promote consumption.  It will be in September, when the capital State of Mexico, will discuss the new Mexican laws on marijuana and if they are going to be approved or not. 

Hopefully, the people of Mexico and its politicians make the right decision and we finally get marijuana legalized in this country and all over the world.  Remember to click the share and like buttons at the bottom of this article and to subscribe to the Zip 420 free mailing list, by leaving us your email in the box to the right.

Mexican Laws On Marijuana Will Be Approved

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  1. wonderful. sanity prevails. when something cures cancer among thousands of other dis-eases and a country insists on keeping it illegal, a revolution needs to take place. it's that simple. a group of people cannot control and tell another group of people what is to be consumed for their health and what is not to be. I am sovereign, hear me roar.