Friday, June 28, 2013

Buy Weed Online Through "Atlantis"

A New Website Were You Can Buy Weed Online

In one of our previous posts, we talked about a site called "Silk Road", which is available through the so called "dark web" and it is a place were you can find all kinds of drugs and other illegal things. This website service was like no other in the world, until "Atlantis" was released and now anyone can buy weed online, if you have the guts. 

It is important to remember that marijuana is still not legal in many places of the world and that buying this herb through a website, could in fact get you into some serious problems, which is why Zip 420 does not make itself responsible for any use that people give to this new online service and what they think about from this post. 

I only want to tell you about "Atlantis", because I believe that cannabis should be legalized worldwide and it is important to stay up to date with the latest news about this herb and what people are doing to make this dream come true. 

Buy Weed Online Commercials

It was just this past Wednesday, when a video commercial began airing on YouTube and it was promoting a service named "Atlantis", which is going to specialize in helping people get a hold of illicit drugs, which are not commonly sold in pharmacies and these certainly include marijuana. 

The commercial is simple, yet colorful and has a nice theme song. It explains exactly what "Atlantis" is, (which is basically an online black market) and it gives you the address for accessing it through the Onion platform, which is also part of the "dark web". 

I found the video commercial on YouTube and I am re-sharing it here with you.  I do not know who the person who uploaded it is and I have not even visited "Atlantis" either, which is why I would recommend that you take your precautions and follow some strict guidelines when visiting the "dark web", as there are many people looking to do others harm out there and you could put yourself in danger if you are not careful enough.

This virtual black market, appears to operate on Bitcoins, which is a cash system that is being used a lot lately and is supposed to protect your identity online. If you do decide to buy weed online through "Atlantis", you should be really careful about not relieving your personal information, because you really never know who is out there looking at those transactions. 

Whether or not these online black markets are secure enough for everyone to use, the fact is that they are now widely available and if you know how to access the "dark web", you can certainly make use of them. If you want to buy weed online, you should make sure that you do not leave any trace behind and that you can collect your products securely, without putting yourself or some of your loved ones in danger. 

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You Can Now Buy Weed Online

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