Sunday, June 2, 2013

More People Are Smoking Cannabis These Days

Canadians And Americans Are Smoking More Cannabis

Marijuana, is one of the most used herbs in the world and even though it is still illegal in most countries, the number of people who enjoy smoking cannabis is increasing and it is common for some to ask themselves, am I the only person who is not smoking this herb?

According to some data from UNICEF, Canadian teenagers are the people who tend to smoke the most cannabis in developed countries. According to their studies, at least 25% of 15 year olds, have tried pot in Canada. The Canadian Alcohol and Drug Use Monitoring Survey, also reported that at least 35% of Canadians had tried marijuana, back in 2011, a number which has risen a lot since. 

The United Nations, has also reports on the global use of cannabis and has confirmed that Australia, New Zealand, the United States and Canada are the countries were people smoke the most cannabis in the world. According to some people who live in Toronto, it is almost impossible to leave your home and not smell some marijuana smoke at some point of your day. 

Smoking Cannabis Is Becoming More Popular Every Day

Teenagers are well known to have easier access to marijuana, than they do to alcohol, which is why the number of teens who have tried this herb and consume it on a regular basis is increasing year after year. While it is obvious that societies do not want teenagers consuming this kind of substances, it is also obvious that the current laws on cannabis are not doing anything to reduce this number and that they will never do so. 

Some Canadians have stated, that they now have several marijuana dealers to choose from, while in the past they did not have so many options and it was sometimes actually difficult to find this herb. Cannabis users and experts, have also talked about the increase in cannabis potency over the years and the perfection of its growing techniques. This proves that people are very interested in having a higher quality marijuana and that they are doing everything that is in their power, to accomplish this. 

More People Will Continue Smoking Cannabis

As we all learn that marijuana is less dangerous than other substances in both the legal and illegal market, the number of people who like smoking cannabis, will keep growing and it will surely reach a point when it can no longer be kept illegal. 

Prohibition does not work and it is time for everyone to admit it. Not only are the people living in the countries mentioned in this post smoking more cannabis every year, but there are many other countries which are now seeing an increment in the number of people who consume marijuana and it is obvious that there is no stopping it now. 

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