Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Marijuana Laws Are Closer To Being Approved

The Marijuana Laws In Chile 

It was just recently, that a psychiatrist from Chile, was caught with a cannabis plantation and was sentenced to spend some time in jail, but after some trials and investigation, the Supreme Court of this country, decided to free the man and call for another oral trial in the near future. If this is happening in Chile and if some judges in Washington are returning confiscated marijuana, it can only mean that the approval of marijuana laws is closer than ever and that we will surely see cannabis legalized one day. 

It was on this past January 18, when Milton Gregory Flores Gatica, was sentenced to spend some time in prison, for the illegal growth of cannabis plants. According to the trial that he received in San Bernando, he was guilty, but the Supreme Court, claimed that they had not taken into effect all of the allegations provided by the defense and that this could only lead to the annulment of the case. 

The Defense For These Marijuana Laws

According to Milton, he was growing marijuana, because of his profession, as he is a psychiatrist and was investigating the medical benefits of this herb. Milton also stated that his act was validated by certain constitutional regulations, some international laws and even the internal legislation. 

On the first trial, the defense presented their case, stating that Milton had been a founder of "Triagrama", which is an organization that helps fight the addiction to drugs and that he has helped many people over the years. The attorneys stated, that the marijuana grow operation, was merely for study purposes and that it was meant for medicinal purposes as well. 

Milton also stated that he had been granted a permit to grow up to 120 marijuana plants, as long as they had a height of 65 centimeters or less. Some of the current marijuana laws, according to Milton and the Supreme Court, should allow him to continue with his investigation, as long as he is not selling or using the herb for other purposes. 

Marijuana Laws Are Soon To Be Approved 

If the Supreme Court in Chile, is helping people like Milton to get out of jail for growing cannabis for medicinal purposes, it can only mean that we are getting closer. If we keep fighting against the current marijuana laws that prohibit us from consuming or growing this plant, we will soon see them accepted everywhere and this is a goal that we should all have in mind.

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