Saturday, June 1, 2013

A Blunt Rolling Contest

Watch A Blunt Rolling Contest Between OG Dutch Master And T. Kid

One of the thing that I like to do the most, is to read about cannabis and the different things that goes on in the industry. Today, there are many important magazines, websites, television channels and other media sources, that spend some time talking about this herb and one of them is VICE magazine. I really like this magazine and they publish an excellent column about cannabis every week. 

They recently published about a blunt rolling contest, between a young rapper by the name of OG Dutch Master and T.Kid, who usually writes for VICE magazine about the marijuana plant. I wanted to tell you about this contest, because it is Saturday and we all deserve a little entertainment every now and then.

More About This Blunt Rolling Contest

OG Dutch Master is a young rapper from Boston and the truth is, that I did not know much about him, until I read about this blunt rolling contest. I then found some of his music in YouTube and he has a song called MaryJane, which I really liked. I listened to a couple of his songs and I have to say that he does rap quite good. 

I am not promoting this guy or anything, as I really do not know him, but I also liked the song that was played during the rolling contest and I am pretty sure that it is his too. Below, you will find the video, which was uploaded to YouTube, by someone who I do not know either, but I am sure that it was T. Kid or someone who knows him.

T. Kid is one of the writers at VICE magazine and he always has some interesting stories to tell about cannabis. I usually read his articles and I have to admit that they are quite good too. T. Kid was apparently the one to come up with the idea to host this blunt rolling contest and although it will not seem that professional to some, you can surely have some fun looking at these two guys trying to roll their best blunts.


Host Your Own Blunt Rolling Contests With Your Friends

For those of you who want to have some fun with your friends, you can try hosting your own blunt rolling contests, as you will see in the video that this can be quite fun and that you can have a blast after it is done. Blunts are one of the best ways to consume cannabis, even if some people prefer not to, because of the harm that the smoke can do to their lungs. 

Blunts are fun to smoke, because they taste great, they last longer and they certainly get you stoned. If you are looking to have some fun with your friends, you can always roll up and light some blunts and see how much fun you have. 

Zip 420 hopes that you enjoyed the blunt rolling contest video and that you have an excellent Saturday too. Please remember to give us a like and share this article, so that more people can have fun watching this video and learn how to roll a blunt. You can also subscribe to our mailing list to the right, by leaving us your email and we will send you more stuff about cannabis and the legalization of this herb.

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