Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Cannabis Cup In Montevideo

This Is The Cannabis Cup Month In Montevideo

Not many of you, may be aware that June 23rd, will be the day, when the Montevideo Cannabis Cup will take place and this is why we felt that it was important to write a post about it. If you did not know, Uruguay, is one of the countries that is in favor of the legalization of marijuana and they have actually changed their laws about this herb recently. 

The main goal of this event, is to qualify different strains of cannabis and it will surely attract people of all kinds.  The marijuana that will be presented in this event, will be recently harvested and it will not be processed, which means that you will not be able to find any edibles. The contest will be qualifying things like aroma, presence, texture, dryness, smell, how it is inhaled, its taste and other things like its psychoactive qualities and how long its effects last. This is surely going to be one of the best marijuana related events of 2013 and those who have the chance to be there, should be making their reservations today. 

The Cannabis Cup In Montevideo Will Be More Than A Contest

This event, will take place in a private establishment, which will have some photo sessions, music, stands, videos, informative speeches and even its own buffet. After the exposition is over, the award ceremony will begin and it will name the best marijuana growers in the world. 

The contest allows international and national growers to participate and last year, there were 72 different marijuana strains. It was an Argentinian strain, which took home the prize of best marijuana strain and it was certainly a great Cannabis Cup. 

You cannot expect anything else from this year's event and this is why many people already have their tickets and have made their reservations in some of the hotels in the beautiful city of Montevideo. If you are interested in marijuana and are near this city in Uruguay, you should do your best to be there and take a look at some of the best cannabis strains from around the world. 

Attending A Cannabis Cup Is A Unique Experience

Those who have had the chance to attend an event related to cannabis, will have to admit, that these are an amazing experience and that it is time for everyone to experience one. Please remember to share and like this article and to subscribe to our mailing list, by entering your email in the box to the right. We will make sure that you receive more information about the next Cannabis Cup and about other marijuana related facts.

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