Sunday, June 30, 2013

Miley Cyrus Smoking Weed

More About Miley Cyrus Smoking Weed

As we have written about in some of our blog posts before, Miley Cyrus is one of the modern celebrities, which enjoy marijuana and there are now plenty of evidences about Myley Cyrus smoking weed and what she thinks about it. Today, celebrities seem to be more open about their habits and they really don't mind people knowing about them liking marijuana anymore, as many have admitted to it and many continuously do it in public too. 

Miley Cyrus is one of these celebrities and even if some consider her a bad influence, the truth is that she is much better behaved than other celebrities and she really does not do anyone any harm.  Miley has stated to the press, "I think alcohol is way more dangerous than marijuana - people can be mad at me for saying that, but I don't care. I've seen a lot of people spiral down with alcohol, but I've never seen that happen with weed."

While many believe that Miley is very wrong for thinking this way, the facts speak for themselves and there is still no known death caused by marijuana.  Even if Miley might be acting up, due to her parents getting divorced and other problems that she might have in her life right now, she is certainly right about marijuana being less dangerous than other drugs and she does not seem to be in grave danger quite yet. 

There Is Nothing Wrong With Miley Cyrus Smoking Weed

If celebrities want to consume marijuana, there really should not be a problem with it, as everyone is free to do with their bodies as they like and for some, this herb is a real life saver. There should be no problem with Miley Cyrus smoking weed, because she really does not affect anyone else by doing it and it is time for everyone to accept that prohibition is simply not the right choice. 

Just as other celebrities, Miley also wears some clothes with marijuana leaves and other cannabis related subjects on them and this proves how more celebrities are now joining the battle for legalizing this herb around the world. It is only a matter of time for cannabis to be made legal once again and this is why we all need to support this cause. 

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Let's Support Miley Cyrus Smoking Weed

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  1. Fuck, if I had to be a celebrity like her, I WOULD NEVER BE SOBER! She's an adult, and that's what her foes need to remember. Puff like you're Puff the Magic Dragon, Miley!!!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Exactly Lisa... Adults should have the right to choose. Let's all Puff the Magic Dragon!