Saturday, June 15, 2013

Legal Marijuana In Alaska

The Proposal For Legal Marijuana In Alaska Has Been Made

Just like many countries and regions of the world, Alaska is also thinking about the possibility of changing some of its policies on cannabis and they have recently released some new proposals, which may very well change this for good. Governor Treadwell, has just signed a ballot, which would allow legal marijuana to be possessed by adults in this state and this is certainly something that we all want to see happening today. 

If this ballot is accepted, adults will be allowed to carry up to one ounce of cannabis with them and this is certainly more than enough for any person who wants to consume this herb for recreational purposes or who really needs it as medicine. 

The State of Alaska, will need to collect 30169 signatures, in order for this law to be accepted, but they will have up to one year to get all of these signatures, which is why there is a lot of positivism right now and there are really many chances of getting this bill passed in Alaska very soon. 

Legal Marijuana Would Benefit Alaska

According to some of the supporters, they really believe that they will get all of the signatures that they need, before January of next year, which would allow them to pass this bill and to finally make marijuana legal in this State again. 

Even if the proposed bill, would not allow adults to consume this herb in public, they would be able to have some on them at any time and they would certainly be free to consume this herb in the comfort of their own property. 

Many believe that this is the right way to go and it is obvious that keeping marijuana illegal is not working for anyone. Legal marijuana would benefit us all and some States of the US are already taking advantage of these benefits and it is time for the other States and countries of the world, to do so too.

We Need Legal Marijuana Today

If we all support the legalization of marijuana around the world, we will certainly see this happening one day and this is why we need to stay strong and keep promoting our cause. If more regions of the world are thinking about the possibility of having legal marijuana, it can only mean that we are on the right path and that we are having the results that we were expecting a long time ago. 

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