Thursday, June 27, 2013

Marijuana Fed Pigs

Feeding Marijuana To Pigs

Pork has been one of the most important foods for humanity, as it has helped communities to expand and it has also helped our bodies to develop over time. The problem comes, when trying to find some affordable feed to give our pigs, as they can certainly eat a lot and it is no longer easy for farmers to feed grains to their livestock. 

Today, thanks to marijuana legalization in States like Washington and other countries of the world, farmers can use this herb as feed for their pigs and this means that being sustainable is possible for them again.

Feeding cannabis to pigs, is a win-win situation for everyone, as medical marijuana dispensaries cannot use all of the cannabis plant parts as medicine for its patients and farmers can use them to reduce costs and help their pigs to grow healthier too. This benefits medical cannabis dispensaries, because they usually have no means for throwing away all of this useless cannabis, (which most people would not even dare consume) and this is why farmers provide a service to them, by taking away those marijuana remains and helping dispensaries to lower their operational costs.

Benefits Of Giving Marijuana To Pigs

While some people may think that cannabis fed pigs will also get you high when you eat their meat, the fact is that you will not feel a buzz at all, but you will experience a different taste, which many people are already talking wonders about. Feeding cannabis to pigs, helps them to keep their energy levels up and it also provides enough proteins, for them to convert their meat, into a healthy food for us.  Marijuana can also be fed to pigs easily, as it only need to be grinded down and mixed with other type of feed. The pigs seem to really enjoy the combination and this is why it is a win-win situation for everyone.

This will also help to envourage consumers to buy locally produced foods and it will help farmers to improve their businesses, which is something that isvreally necessary right now and that needs to be done or we could all suffer a lot. If farmers are not able to produce healthy foods in a sustainable matter, we are all doomed and this is why new methods for producing our foods must be established soon.

Feeding marijuana to pigs, is only one example of sustainable agriculture and because some farmers are already being succesful with this, more farmers will soon follow on their foot steps and we will surely have healthier foods in the near future too.  

The most important benefit about feeding marijuana to our pigs is that we will not be consuming any hormones, antibiotics or other substances that are added to common pig feed, as the cannabis will be coming from producers who are growing for medical marijuana dispensaries and must meet certain standards and farmers will most likely not need to add anything else to their feed, as this herb is proving to be an excellent supplement and some people have already admitted that the meat tastes great.  

As long as the cannabis leftovers that the pigs eat come from a natural source, you can be certain that the pork that you will be eating, is going to be a lot healthier than common pork. 

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Eating Marijuana Fed Pork Is A Good Idea

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