Monday, June 17, 2013

Smoking Marijuana In Video Games

Smoking Marijuana Is Now Featured In Video Games

There are now some video games that are featuring some very interesting graphics and scenarios, but few would of have ever imagine, that we would be able to smoke a blunt or light up a pipe in a video game. Today, this is something that many people are enjoying, even if they do not feel any physical effects or do not even come in contact with the herb. 

Some games are now featuring characters who start smoking marijuana right in front of you and game designers have certainly done a great job at it. Because technology has advanced so much, it is now possible to see very real characters in almost every video game and because people are now accepting cannabis around the world, allowing characters to smoke this herb, is only bringing video games closer to reality. 

It Is Now Very Common To See People Smoking Marijuana

If you take a stroll through some of the streets in California, you will certainly smell some marijuana at some point and this is happening in millions of cities around the world every day. It is now more common to see a person smoking a joint, than it was a few years ago and this is why it should not be hard to understand that video game developers are adding characters who appear on the screen smoking marijuana, because they want to bring reality closer to gamers and this is surely one of the ways to grab their attention. 

One of the video games that will surely feature some characters smoking cannabis, is GTA 5 and it is going to be released on September 17th of this year.  Some of the trailers, show a man at the beach, having a drink and smoking a big blunt, which surely means that there will be some options within the game that will allow gamers to light up a joint and have some fun. 

There Is Nothing Wrong With Smoking Marijuana

Today, we know of many medical benefits from cannabis and it is obvious that there is nothing wrong with smoking this herb. Those people who have smoked this herb in the past or that smoke it on a regular basis, can prove that there is nothing wrong with consuming it and that those who are going to be evil, will do it, even without this herb. 

It is time to abolish all prohibitionist laws and to make cannabis legal around the world, as this is the only way that we can solve many of the problems that our societies are facing today. Please remember to like and share this article and to subscribe to our mailing list, by leaving us your email in the box to the right. Zip 420 will make sure that you receive some interesting information about smoking marijuana and other things related to this herb.  

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