Thursday, June 6, 2013

British Columbia Accepts Marijuana Edibles

Marijuana Edibles Will Be Produced In BC

The Supreme Court from British Columbia in Canada, just approved the production of marijuana edibles and its extracts. The decision came after analyzing the Owen Smith trial, in where medical marijuana growers were not allowed to produce or sell cannabis extracts, which was certainly affecting their total income and not supplying people with what they really are looking for. 

According to Justice Johnson, the regulations that were established on marijuana were unconstitutional, as they did not allow patients to produce cannabis edibles or extracts once they had the herb in their possession and this is certainly something that was not helping them very much. It will be on October 17, when the British Columbia Court of Appeal will be hearing this case again and it is very likely that people will now be allowed to produce cannabis derivatives at their homes. 

More About Marijuana Edibles In BC

At the moment, the Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations, allow people to use dried cannabis only, which is something that most want to change and there are many possibilities of this happening on the next hearing. If the regulations are not changed, those people who choose to make butter, oil, hash, honey or other products from the marijuana plant, could be committing a felony, which is why these regulations must be changed as soon as possible and why so many people are already in favor of changing them.

When marijuana edibles are permitted in British Columbia, other parts of Canada will soon start following on their footsteps and we will soon see more countries doing the same too. Those people who are really using cannabis as a medicine, should be allowed to produce their own edibles and extracts from the marijuana plant, as consuming these is certainly a lot healthier than smoking this herb and it will benefit us all in the long run. 

Marijuana Edibles Are Medicine And They Are Healthy

There is no doubt now, about the medical benefits of cannabis, which is why it is time to legalize this herb worldwide. Those people who are still not willing to accept this, need to read more about the topic, because the results are really one sided and it is obvious that legalizing marijuana is the right decision for us all. 

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