Sunday, June 9, 2013

Some Cops Want Marijuana Legalized

Marijuana Should Be Legalized

It was just recently, that I found out about an organization that supports the legalization of cannabis and that was created by a retired cop. Not only is this organization made up of more than 3500 cops, but they are also helping people to understand why the current war on drugs is not working and why it is time to make some real changes to it now. 

Peter Christ was a polve officer in Tonawanda, New York for twenty years and he is also the founder of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, which is the pro marijuana legalization organization that I was telling you about. In a recent interview, Christ stated that he is now in favor of legalizing all drugs, as he saw that there was no effect on the arrests that he did over the years and that the drugs keep flowing, probably even more than they did before. 

Some of Christ's exact words durin an interview for Vice magazine were, "Do you believe we can win the war on drugs? Now, before you answer, let's define what victory means. Nixon never told us what victory would look like when he declared this war, but it's a war after all and we know how wars end - they end when you defeat the enemy. We won the Second World War. That means that we don't fight the Germans or the Japanese or the Italians ever six months, right? So, I'm gonna say, if we win the war on drugs, we've taken the words marijuana and heroin out of the dictonary. The drugs are gone. Let's move on. Do you believe that is possible?"

He also stated that there is no way that there will ever be a drug free America, as drugs have already become part of our societies and our even part of some people's culture. Christ asked another importan t question during his interview and it was, "Who do you want to control the marketplace - gangsters, thugs and terrorists or licensed businesspeople with regulation and control?" He believes that this is the discussion that needs to be happening right now and at Zip 420 we also believe that this is what needs to be done, in order to end the war on drugs and end it with a victory.

Marijuana Legalization Is Victory

As Christ said, there is no way that we are going to win the war on drugs with the current strategy, as people or criminals treat these substances as a business and most of the shootings, which are called drug related shootings are really not drug related, they are drug business related, as Christ said. If you take the business part away, crime that is related to these substances will certainly drop and we will have safer communities everywhere. 

Legalizing cannabis would be a different strategy to win the war on drugs, but I certainly believe that it could be called a victory, as having control and regulation over this herb, would be a lot more convenient for everyone and it will also brings tons of benefits, like being used as medicine by cancer and AIDS patients or creating new jobs for the thousands of unemployed people in America and the world.

It is time to legalize marijuana and if more than 3500 cops are already stating that they approve this, we can only hope for a real change soon. Please remember to subscribe to our mailing list, by entering your email in the box to the right and to visit the Zip 420 Store, by clicking the banner to the right. You will find all different kinds of cannabis related products, which will help you to learn more about this herb. 

Cops Are Right About Legalizing Marijuana 

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