Wednesday, June 26, 2013

More Facts About Marijuana

The Facts About Marijuana And Teenagers

According to an article from a newspaper in Valladolid, Spain, marijuana is the substance that is consumed the most among teenagers and young adults. There are really no doubts about this and studies have proven more than once, that cannabis is the most sought out substance in the world and that it is now preferred by millions around the world.

The facts about marijuana and teenagers in this part of Spain, state that the age of 14 is the most common age for teenagers to start consuming this herb, which is certainly a very young age, but it is not as young as some of the people who begin consuming alcohol, as there are 13 year old teenagers, who have already become alcoholic and need special treatment to beat this disease.

Some recent studies, have proven that cannabis is being consumed more among teenagers, than it was in the past and while many may not agree with this, the fact is that this herb is much less hazardous than alcohol, tobacco, cocaine and other drugs. Most teenagers who have tried marijuana, do not end up becoming junkies, dropping out of school, committing crimes or any other barbarity of which cannabis consumers have been accused of in the past.

Many of the teenagers that begin consuming cannabis at an early stage of their lives, end up graduating from school and going to college, just like people who don't consume this herb do and this should be enough proof for everyone that marijuana is not as dangerous as many people have said and that the fact is that it can actually help everyone a lot.

The Real Facts About Marijuana

There are already many successful people, who have proven that consuming cannabis does not affect their daily lives and that they are capable of functioning exactly the same, as when they have not consumed any marijuana at all. While there are still many who believe that cannabis will make you hallucinate and do stupid things, the facts about marijuana are that people become more relaxed and tend to do less dumb things that they normally do.

Consuming cannabis not only enhances the way that you think and look at things, but it also gives you a different perspective of your surroundings and what you should be doing to become a better person. If you are a decent person and you have common sense, you will not get in any problems while you are stoned, which is why more people are accepting that marijuana should be legalized and that this is the only way to solve many of the problems that we are having right now.

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